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BleedBlack&Gold 07-14-2007 07:31 PM

Strange things at Training Camp


Strangest thing a player has brought to camp: A guy had to bring his son to camp. He didn't have a baby sitter.

Best prank: Any time you hide the rookies' stuff and they have to wear the whirlpool shorts. Throw them in the ice chest or somewhere. They get all panicky about it.

Laziest player: I'd probably qualify as one of those guys.

Most memorable rookie initiation: Any time their hair gets cut off. If they fight it, they lose the armpits, eyebrows, everything.

Unique off-field activity: I think the kickers and the punters. They're talking about what bars they're going to go to. They talk about actual nightlife during camp. That doesn't happen a lot for the rest of us.

Unique way to cope with the heat: When we went to the water park last year (coach Sean Payton surprised the team and canceled practice).

mighty12 07-15-2007 10:06 PM

Funny that last part is up there......I remember we were in an uproar about that, because the game after that against the C'girls we flopped and we all started wondering how good this Payton guy was really going to be. Now looking back I think this was the start of why we played so well as a TEAM, but it has never been mentioned since preseason '06.

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