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tweeky 07-15-2003 08:01 PM

PFW Chat (lazy analysis on display)
"Dan Arkush is worried about the Saints chances because of Brooks Shoulder."

I'm so sick of these uninformed reporters defaulting to the Brooks shoulder excuse to eliminate the Saints from being a legit SB contender.

Fact: The year we made the playoffs Brooks was basically unproven and unknown, our offense had less talent, our special teams were horrible and our Defense was about the same as it appears to be now. Yet we kicked ass!

If Brooks isn't 100%, Bouman will step in and excel. He's certainly a lot more proven at this stage of his career than Brooks was when he took over and Bouman will be surrounded with twice the talent Brooks was. To say the Saints season rests on Brooks shoulder is simply lazy. With the talent we have on offense and special teams we could win with Danny "rag-arm" Weurful at QB. (YES!!! I said Danny 'stinkin' Weurful and I meant it!)

Our post-season success depends 100% on the health of Deuce McAllister, AND NOBODY ELSE!!!!

He is the ONLY starter who has a MAJOR drop off at back-up. Every other position has an adequate back-up, maybe not a great back-up, but adequate enough to get by with a few adjustments. But not at RB. Losing him would kill our playoff and SB hopes.

But thats my pissed-off and extremely biased opinion!

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SaintNik 07-16-2003 01:38 AM

PFW Chat (lazy analysis on display)
Calm down Tweeky! They know not yet of just how improved our overall team will be. Most doubters cite the Brooks injury and his state of recovery, the terrible defensive play last year, the December funk we have slid into the past two years, and the major overhaul of personnel and how well we will be able to gel. Some concerns maybe.

Should we let them in on us having talent, youth, depth, and speed like never before. How about the fact that several of our youthful starters will have some seasoning. A few may even be in for a monster breakout year. The system here is now in its fourth year. A sprinkling of veterans with leadership qualities who have been on winning teams. Pardon the pun, but, tweaking the roster by bringing in that veteran running back to spell Deuce is still possible by trade or by final roster cutdowns.

I think you\'re right! With all of the talent we have surrounding AirRun Brooks, even J.T. O\'Sell-the-Van, Chris FunLand, Todd BowMan, Danny Woeful, Mike Buckaroo, Health Shoeler, Dear John Fourcade, Richard Toddler, Dave Wilson & Pickit-off, Steve Walshed-up, Doug Nunsmeyer, Kerry Tom Collins, Guy Gentle Benjamin, Bob Sammy Davis, Father Guido Merkens, Jim iNinoski, Edd \"off the\" Hargett, Babe Laughenberg, Tiny Tim Riordan, Kevin Ingram toenail, Larry Cipa wine, Gary Cuozzo cup holder, Ed Burns me up, Tommy Kramer on Seinfeld, Bobby Scott free, Gary Wood a coulda shoulda, Bobby Douglass is half empty, Jim Mt. Everett, Karl Sweetan low, Bobby Herbert Hiney, Jake (please) Comehome, Archie Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints Manning, Jeff snow Blake, Kenny snake Stapler, Billy Kill-me, Billy Joe HoBo, Billy Joe Tollivers Travels, or even Billy Joe McAllister if he wouldn\'t have jumped off the Tallahassee bridge, could probably put up some impressive numbers in this offense. I like our chances best though with #2 at the helm.

coastalkid 07-16-2003 11:47 AM

PFW Chat (lazy analysis on display)
Tweeky is absolutely right on the money here. Good point well made! Out of all of the positions rb is our only one that has no real backup. This is a major issue. I have every hope and feel certain that this will be addressed very soon once training camp begins. Keaton is on his way out the door. Fenderson may stick around another year but I guarantee Haz will bring in a vet back up before camp ends. If he doesn\'t it just may end up costing him more than he thinks!!!!!
But I predict Duece doesn\'t miss a game with injury and leads the league in rushing this year.

tweeky 07-16-2003 09:38 PM

PFW Chat (lazy analysis on display)
I saw Deuce on BDSSP and to me he looked fat. Am I crazy? I hope he makes 16 unscathed, but without a back-up to spell him occasionally and maybe a short yardage RB to reduce the pounding he\'ll take, its a lot to ask. He may be asked to give us 30 plus carries per game for 16 games. Thats asking for a late season breakdown (like maybe another high ankle sprain???).

But if we all know (and all of us do) it you can bet Haz does too.

SaintNik 07-17-2003 09:39 PM

PFW Chat (lazy analysis on display)
Deuce has a big body and IS a big dude. He looks puffy in street clothes, on T.V., and in person. Put a uniform on him and the only thing that is fat about him is his stats. Don\'t worry. I doubt he has been hangin\' in Mississippi eatin\' with Gravy Jackson. He will report to camp in shape ready to improve his game and take it to the next level.

McAllister lead the NFC last year in rushing, was 6th overall in the league, yet the Saints only ranked 17th overall in team rushing. The Saints must find another back capable of spelling Deuce in spots and gaining yards on the ground. If Aaron Brooks takes the yards available to him when there are open running lanes in the middle and a complimentary back can produce when subbing for Deuce, the Saints overall team rushing mark could very well lead the league this year. With these weapons in place, the Saints may just lead the league in both rushing and passing yards gained this year. Has that ever been done by any team in the same year?

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