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rusta 07-16-2003 03:31 PM

Dec? we're not the only ones
i understand that the media will always be slanted against us until we win the big one but...
we aren't the only team to have problems in Dec, SD and miami have had Dec problems for the last 4 years or so

so why are we being labeled as Dec walkovers and these other teams inability to produce late in the season is overlooked, espicially miami

WhoDat 07-16-2003 03:48 PM

Dec? we're not the only ones
are they 1-7 in the last two years?

D_it_up 07-16-2003 07:44 PM

Dec? we're not the only ones
As a matter of fact, WhoDat, San Diego is an astonishing 1-9 in December the last two seasons. The Dolphins however are at .500 the last two years, so his comment about the Dolphins is unsupported, because they beat the Falcons on the final December game of the 2001 regular season to assure them a spot in the playoffs. Then beat Buffalo the following week (only January reg. season game). Then lost to the Ravens in the playoffs. The part that I find interesting is that even though the Saints have had 2 December swoons in the past two seasons, their record for the month is still 4-6...Check the stats. I was a little shocked by it myself. Technically the last game of the 2001 regular season was in January, so it can\'t be calculated into the December swoon. It can only be attributed to the team downright sucked that day. Let us all recall as well that the 2001 January games were make-ups for the 9-11 tragedy.

I\'ve offered to research other teams in the NFL that had worse than or equal to a 4-6 record in the month of December the last two years.

Arizona: 4-6 (3 wins in December 2001) :o

Atlanta: 3-7....interesting? Vick lost both of the only games he started in 2001 (one in December and one in January; was 2-3 last year in December)

Cincinatti: 2-8 (No-brainer, but just interesting to note that one of their 2 December victories in the last two years was against our Saints)

Cleveland: 4-6 (Did however win their last two games last year to make the playoffs)

Detroit: 1-8 (Another no-brainer...and this just in...Marismoochie isn\'t the answer)

Indianappolis: 4-6 (Many say that it was because James was out for the Colts in 2001. I say BS. Domminick Rhodes averaged just over 100 yds. a game. You can blame that choke on our good friends Jim Mora and Peyton Manning.....oh yeah...and on the fact that their defense was twice as bad as ours was last year) :cool:

Jacksonville: 4-6 (Two straight 6-10 seasons, but they\'ve gone different directions in December the past two years. 3 wins in 2001 after a horrible start, to 1 win in 2002 after having a respectable start)

Minnesota: 4-6 (Won last 3 games of 2002 to get this high of a December record)

San Diego: (See above; You want to talk about swoons? How about 7-1 for the first 8 games combined the last two years. Games 5-16? 6-18) <----Swoon Masters

So there you have it. The teams that are just as bad or worse in December than the Saints. The main thing that sucks about all this useless infor I just posted is that only one of these teams really swooned themself out of a playoff spot other than the Saints. You guessed it....the San Diego Swoon Masters.

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LordOfEntropy 07-17-2003 11:52 AM

Dec? we're not the only ones
Good thread.

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