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AjunCajun 08-03-2007 12:40 AM

Saints Fan stranded in Charlotte...
Do you guys know the reason the Panthers have not signed Beason?

They are not offering a second year roster bonus. They are together on everything else. Carolina is trying to be pioneering in not offering this bonus. Every first day pick gets some form of this bonus, do you think Beason's agent will let him sign without one? His client would be the only one in the draft. It is ludicrus. On their talk radio today, there were many fans saying that Nick Goings should be their starting running back, because he fits the Fox system. This team is still trying to fit the players into a system, instead of fitting the system to their players.

I have heard many fans worrying about the schedule and starting with Indy and Tampa. Let me say this, either we are a contender or a pretender. A contender doesn't care about the schedule, a pretender does.;)

papz 08-03-2007 08:09 AM

Re: Saints Fan stranded in Charlotte...
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Click on the Panthers forums on there right by ours. I've been visiting over there the pass couple of days and there are tons of Beason threads. Check it out. There's also a "Saints SUCK" thread in the smack talk forums. Have fun with that!

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