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Almost embarrasing

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; How did we do last year in preseason? Oh yeah, we weren't worth a crap! I'm not worried about the team. I would like to see more from them, but I don't care as long as they come out and ...

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Re: Almost embarrasing

How did we do last year in preseason? Oh yeah, we weren't worth a crap! I'm not worried about the team. I would like to see more from them, but I don't care as long as they come out and win during the season.
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Re: Almost embarrasing

This was the first preseason game, that doesn't mean anything. Last year they went 1-3 in the preseason, and they ended the regular season better than ever. I have no reason to believe that they will use this preseason to get better, not to win games.
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Re: Almost embarrasing

Originally Posted by jnormand View Post
How did we do last year in preseason? Oh yeah, we weren't worth a crap! I'm not worried about the team. I would like to see more from them, but I don't care as long as they come out and win during the season.

I agree. last year we lost all but 1 PS game and there were a lot of the same feelings about how bad we would suck. The Raiders were 4-0 last PS and that didn't pan out in the regular season. Plus, the number 1 thing is that there were NO INJURIES. That's what matters most.

There was also a stat on Sports Center where no team that won the HoF game won the Championship game so that's a plus for us too.
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Re: Almost embarrasing

I didn't get to see the game yet thanks to two broken planes at the airport, but I had a friend who kept me updated for most of it. I'll agree that it is just first pre-season game and we shouldn't yet worry. Every team has games where they just don't do well for whatever reason. I'm fine with having those games during the pre-season, as long as we learn from the mistakes.
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Re: Almost embarrasing

wow, when did the perseason count for anything. Ask the colts who didnt win any of the five pre season games they had last year. It's not time to hit the panic button, nore will it be time to hit the button until the games start to count for something.
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Re: Almost embarrasing

Originally Posted by Euphoria View Post
What are you guys expecting... When we play against physical teams they beat us silly, there isn't nothing new there.
You for got one thing, weather too. We said it last year and we maybe saying it again this year. Top defensive fronts kill us. Till we can out and bang head to head like in old fashion football we will always have the trouble. Simplify the game plan a bit and stuff it down there throats. I am not in a panic but this was true last year. Euphoria and I are looking for the saints to improve this area of the offense during preseason.
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Re: Almost embarrasing

We all know that this team has to get into a rythm before their play picks up. YOU CAN NOT DO THAT IN PRESEASON. That is why they looked so terrible. Let's just take these games for what they are worth. NOTHING!
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Talking Re: Almost embarrasing

Guys, before you bury your/my team.....remember that we may have put together 15 to 20 plays for last nights game....but I belive that the Steelers coach (being new, 1st game, and playing in a packed Steeler house ) opened up his playbook.
Dont let last night worry you......our guys will get it done!!!!!!!!!!!!

GEAUX SAINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Buffalo ---- friday night!!!!
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Re: Almost embarrasing

HELLO PRESEASON!!! For all you Fan Boys out there go ahead and take a deep breath. I know you all screaming about how we got spanked & looked like doo doo but don't go pulling Reggie's photo off your myspace page just yet. My hopes for the preseason are to come thru injury free and damn the win loss record. The official run for the SB begins Sept 6th...
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Re: Almost embarrasing

For all of you saying that pre-season doesn't mean anything, I don't believe that was the point of this thread being started. Last nite's game was embarrassing...period. For those of us who waited through draft and off season trading to see the new improved product, we were sadly disappointed. Sort of like opening your biggest box at Christmas as a kid, and finding out its packed with clothes!

For a top rank O to be held to 6 yds passing (Brees 1/6) isn't stuff to get excited about and the D looks, if anything, worse than last season.

I have faith the coaching staff knows what their doing. No doubt there. I would just like them to throw the hungry dogs waiting for the season to start a bone or two to chew on right now.

A wise man once said, "Poo-poo smells just as bad as s#!%. One just SOUNDS cuter!"
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