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Not sure about you guys

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; ST's issues? Yeah, Lance Moore on punt returns. He caught the ball on our 5 and nearly got tackled in the end zone trying to get away. That is a million degrees south of a bad decision and I have ...

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Re: Not sure about you guys

ST's issues? Yeah, Lance Moore on punt returns. He caught the ball on our 5 and nearly got tackled in the end zone trying to get away. That is a million degrees south of a bad decision and I have no faith in him now to make the right decisions on punt returns. Add to that, that he didn't show anything special on the returns he has made...If he's not making it as a WR, I say cut him. I may be wrong on who it was, but I think it was Moore.
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Re: Not sure about you guys

I was very pleased with what I saw last night. Devry looks much better. Still has all the speed but actually held on to the ball. Didn't see much of Colston but I'm not really worried about him. I thought Lance Moore was excellent. I thought he was great during last preseason too and I don't know why we never saw him during the regular season. Unlike most receivers he fights for the ball, he doesn't just wait for it to fall into his hands. And he usually wins the fight for the ball as well. I like Palko alot. Yeah, he had 2 bad interceptions, but he is a rookie and he made alot of good plays. You gotta love a Quarterback who will limp over to the huddle. I thought Pittman had a pretty good game and I think I like Pierre Thomas but I would like to see some more of him.

As for the defense: I don't see a big problem with Jason Craft. Maybe I just wasn't paying attention to some things you guys saw. But he was one of the few DB's who touched the ball last night. He was also one of the few DB's who touched the ball last year. He can also tackle, unlike most of the other DB's. I like Evans, he made alot of plays. Anybody know why we haven't seen Usama Young yet? I heard he was doing pretty good in camp, but I haven't seen him. Anyways, I thought the defense did alright, it's not gonna be a #1 defense, but I think it'll do the trick.
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Re: Not sure about you guys

See fella's preseaon doesn't mean anything but its good to see the team play well and play well consistantly. I have been saying Martin needs to be cut and Fife and Palko make it. They have much more zip on the ball than Martin does. The INT in the Red Zone was also WR' fault as well he didn't fight for the ball and was letting up watching the INT take place.
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Re: Not sure about you guys

I liked what I saw for the most part. Yes, Palko through a couple of picks, but in his defense the first pick was made because of the receiver not running through his route. He looked like more than a rookie QB, has good wheels and can make things happen. Someone needs to teach him to quit throwing off his back foot but he showed he has some throwing power. I agree about Craft, he was around the ball and making hits more than any DB out there. Devery, you guys have always liked him but I still think he's inconsistent. He missed a pass right in his hands near the goal line and consequently took a hit. Jason David is the worst man coverage guy out there. Lance Moore is definitely a keeper and contrary to what others saw, he was nailed at the goal line because of a blatant missed block and he had NO WHERE to go. Other areas were status quo, D-Line looked pretty good, O-Line will look better when starters return. We were swarming better at DB position but we suck at man coverage.
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Re: Not sure about you guys

Where was Usama Young? Has he even been in one play this preseason?
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Re: Not sure about you guys

A lot of fans were down on the Saints last week after losing the HOF game, as some said that was their first game and would improve, that was the case and I see them continuing to improve every week...

Brees was right on target, doesn't get any better than that in week 2 of preseason.
Bush will BLOW up this year IMO, he's hitting the holes without much hesitation which will make it that much harder for a defense to stop him for short yardage.
Henderson looked very impressive last night, IMO this season will be his best since turning pro.
Copper seems to be protecting the ball better and runs his routes much better, he had two decent games this preseason, his problem last year was holding on to the ball and catching the ball, hopefully he's over all of that.
The defense looked like they are starting to gel together, we finally got to see David, Harper and MM on the field together, we should be much better against the pass this year.
I love our chances in succeeding this year, I can't wait for week one to start.

Keep the great post coming, we should really have a good time this season here at the BlackandGold..

Rest In Peace JoeSam, thanks for everything my friend.
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