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SaintNik 07-22-2003 11:27 PM

December Debacle
Much has been made of the Saints poor play in the month of December the past two years. Could it be all due to...... Conditioning? Coaching? Leadership? Thibodeaux? Injuries? Who knows for sure? Can only hope we improve in all aspects.

Last year the Saints opened the 1st half of the season 6-2, then closed the 2nd half of the year at 3-5. Although the december debacle was in itself a disgrace, the 3-5 second half slide proved to be an equal letdown.

On the upside, little has been made of the fact that of the Saints 7 losses, 6 were by a touchdown or less and also were lost in the 4th quarter. This means the team was in every game till near the very end except one. If we can learn how to put a team away, win the close games and win the 4th quarter battles, a championship team could be on the horizon. With a bit better play in all phases of the game this could be the year.

There's still time to board SAINTAS SLEIGH. Don't let ME and mysELF leave w/o ya!

LordOfEntropy 07-23-2003 08:49 AM

December Debacle
Do you know what I think will make the BIG difference this year?

The new practice facility.....

Call me superstitous, but I think it signals a new era for the Saints. I see us in the playoff this year, wildcard berth, 10/6 schedule. Next year, 11/5. Following, 12/4.

Don\'t worry, Saintnik, I\'m on your sleigh.

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