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10 Reason's Saints beat the Colts

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Here's my 10 reason's the Saints are going to beat the defending Superbowl Champion Colts. 1) DT Anthony "Booger" McFarland - They weren't that good against the run with him, imagine them against the run without him. 2) LT Tarick ...

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Cool 10 Reason's Saints beat the Colts

Here's my 10 reason's the Saints are going to beat the defending Superbowl Champion Colts.

1) DT Anthony "Booger" McFarland - They weren't that good against the run with him, imagine them against the run without him.

2) LT Tarick Glenn - With Glenn's retirement that means rookie OT Tony Ugoh a 4th round pick will be the only thing between QB Payton Manning and DE Will "THE REAL DEAL" Smith.

3) 1st game - If there's a good time to play the Colts, it's early in the season, and nothings earlier than the first game of the season. Maybe, just maybe that offense is not clicking on all cylinders.

4) Coaches Game Plan - If Sean Payton realizes that he has a more physical team than the Colts, that pounding The Deuce will make a real difference in keeping that potent Colts offense on the side line and not allowing them to get into rhythm, in a word don't try to be too cute, be physically nasty.

5) LB Cato June, CB Nick Harper, CB Jason David - Losing core defensive players like June, Harper, and David is extremely hard to replace.

6) RB Dominic Rhodes - With Rhodes gone, can RB Joseph Addai carry the Colts running game on his shoulders? If not, who picks up the slack?

7) WR Anthony Gonzalez - Will Gonzalez make a impact from the slot position like his predecessors WR Brandon Stokley and WR Ricky Proehl?

8] Saints Defense - IMHO, the Saints defense is more prepared to face that Colts offense this year than last year. I think CB Jason David, who practiced against Payton and those WRs for 4 years and is well prepared, and S Roman Harper will make a enormous difference against the Colts.

9) Saints Offense - With all those loses on the Colts defense, who do they have to stop one of the most prolific offenses in the NFL. Everybody talks about the Colts offense, but the Saints offense is more dominant and unpredictable.

10) Underdog Spot - Everybody in the NFL community is taking the Colts over the Saints. Those are the same people who had the NFC South Champion Saints to finish last in their division and first in the draft. So go right ahead and bet against the Saints, they just love proven everybody wrong. SAINTS 33 COLTS 27.

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Re: 10 Reason's Saints beat the Colts

dude, i just love reading stuff like this.

i agree...i think our offense is much more powerfull, and our defense, well it didn't get worse, that's for sure....so i say we will do just fine.

who dat?! not the damn colts!
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Re: 10 Reason's Saints beat the Colts

...all are good points except number 6, Addai is going to be great!

You didn't mention Manning... its not the Colts that worry me about the game its Manning that worries me. There is no question this game is going to end up in a shoot out. Manning vs. Saints.

Over the past few years we have over-hyped our offense and the same thing happens (giving up to many big plays and little turnovers). Until they do it, I am not buying into it. Man to man against Manning, my money is on Manning.
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Re: 10 Reason's Saints beat the Colts

Losing Rhodes will hurt the Colts a lot, in fact they took a step backwards trading him.
Addai is a good back, I can't deny that but he can't carry the bulk of the carries, IMO he'll wear down quick if the Colts ask him to be the main back, Rhodes was the Colts bruiser back, the Saints should have success stopping Addai in week one.
Point one is the most important one IMO, they couldn't stop anyone last season, remember Ron Dayne who destroyed the Colts last season?, he had a career high, over 200 yards on the ground, the Texans beat the Colts with the run, the Colts have taken a step back on defense this past off season, they lost both corners, I think that is bad news for the Colts, Brees will have a field day against their secondary, not to mention the damage that Deuce and Reggie will do against the Colts defensive line..
The Bad for the Saints is Manning, Wayne and Harrison will be hard to stop, they will light it up on the Saints but in the end it will be the Saints running game that will win this game, ball control, IMO the Colts defense will be on the field a lot and in the 4th QTR. Deuce will go off on them if he sits most of the 3rd QTR., fresh legs for Deuce spells trouble for the Colts.
It's still early but I love our chances in beating the Colts.

Rest In Peace JoeSam, thanks for everything my friend.
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Re: 10 Reason's Saints beat the Colts

Manning may have had his way with the Saints in the past but the same could be said for Brees vs. Colts

from the looming large post...
"Remember Dec. 18, 2005? That's when Brees entered the RCA Dome as the quarterback of the San Diego Chargers and on that fateful Sunday changed the complexion of the Colts season, ending the hometown team's run at an undefeated campaign with a 26-17 upset.

The San Diego defense clearly made headlines that day, recording four sacks and forcing two Peyton Manning interceptions, but Brees had his moments, finishing the game 22-of-33 for 255 yards.

He hasn't played in the RCA Dome since that day."

man i can't wait til the 6th

N.O. food....N.O. music....N.O. Life!!!
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Re: 10 Reason's Saints beat the Colts

The biggest factor to me is the timing. You never want the reigning SB champs on your schedule, but if you have them I always believe the best time is early in the season when they haven't re-hit stride. Many good points there. I think we simply will want that win more than Indy will. We have something to prove and they have something to celebrate. I'd love to see us land a big uppercut to the chin and burst out of the gates on them.
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Re: 10 Reason's Saints beat the Colts

I agree I think the timing is our biggest factor. It's the beginning of the season and I don't think their offensive line would have jelled yet with Tarik Glenn having retired. We have something to prove. EARN IT!!!!
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Re: 10 Reason's Saints beat the Colts

If you can't get up for this game, then this team's not going to make it. Either they win and go on to the playoffs or they lose and it will be a LOONNNNGGG season.
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Re: 10 Reason's Saints beat the Colts

At first I thought the Saints would have a hard time in that game. But now I think it could be a very close game. The Saints offense looks better than last year, and they defense looks better during each preseason game.
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