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Jason David Tread from Colts Freak

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Jason David - Unofficial Indianapolis Colts Fan Forums I logged on to coltsfreak.com to ask about Jason David and the season opener. The responses are pretty interesting. And I meant "thread", not "tread" above....

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Jason David Tread from Colts Freak

Jason David - Unofficial Indianapolis Colts Fan Forums

I logged on to coltsfreak.com to ask about Jason David and the season opener. The responses are pretty interesting.

And I meant "thread", not "tread" above.
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Re: Jason David Tread from Colts Freak

I wasn't exactly ecstatic with David's signing this off season. I thought he was quite average as a Colt and there were plenty of better options out there in the market. What I do like about David is that we didn't exactly open the vault to sign him and he's only 25 with plenty experience... not to mention he's a winner. He should get better entering his prime years. We could really use a solid and consistent corner opposite Mike.
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Re: Jason David Tread from Colts Freak

Sounds like some classy fans in Indy. Just hope they stay that way when Saints win by 10.
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Re: Jason David Tread from Colts Freak

I am with you paz.

In the long run, considering the cap growth and all, he will be a good priced 3/2 CB. Thomas and Craft will be gone. We hope Young can be a #1 in two years or at least the #2. So next year we may need to draft another young CB or go out in FA and look for a good project that is some what developed. If not we are going to be in a jam by 2009. Unless we can move M&M over to the #2 by 2009, were he belongs and get another 2 years out of him. That means Young has improved enough to be #1. Perfect dream comes true.

Jones could be our #6 this year and maybe develope enough to be a #4 year 2. Phillips has do something now for me to be sold him.

Maybe Jones, Poter and Phillips should be tried at safety a bit, for the future. The wild card here is Poter. I really would like us to keep him and see how he developes. CB? S? I think he could be a nice back up for the future. He has the size and speed.

At this point I do not see David as our answer for the #1 or the #2 now or in the future. He will be a fair market value at CB in two years so I do not mind the signing as long as the Saints relize all this. Unless the Saints long term plans involve a 34 defensive front and a cover 2 scheme. Then David was a perfect signing. The only reason I think this is the fact we are not signing alot of LB to long term contracts and that to me says they are not set on a scheme for the D just yet.

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Re: Jason David Tread from Colts Freak

I think more than anything all of us were excited about the signing because we felt anything is a better upgrade than Fred Thomas. I had fears about David going Man to Man and after watching some plays in the Preseason games, I felt those fears got confirmed. Yet, last year we were pretty garbage in the PreSeason too. Pretty excited about tonight's game since our First string is expected to play longer, I believe even after the half. Maybe, we'll really get to see the real team tonite.
One thing I want to admit. After reading some of the comments on the Colts blogs, I have to agree w/ BudsDrinker. Colts have some classy fans and in itself a pretty classy organization. I love seeing that.
Thanks WhoDat205 for setting this thread up!!
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