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Laker09 09-16-2002 10:27 PM

are you sure these guys are rookies?
People are impressed by the speed of Deuce and Donte, but what caught my attention is how intelligently these guys are performing in the Saints offense. On the 40-yard TD screen play, Donte did a great job setting up the defender for Jerry Fontenot's crushing block, then he patiently followed the two OL rumbling down the sideline. Similarly, Deuce was impressive in following the blocks of the OL and FB. I don't think LeCharles Bentley missed many assignments at all on Sunday and that's really impressive for a rookie guard.

BTW it was great to see Keyou Craver make some big plays vs Green Bay. He's a great nickel back now and perhaps in a few years he'll be a top-notch corner in the league. Hope he can recover soon from his injury.

After only 2 weeks I think it's obvious that this rookie class is looking every bit as good as we all hoped it would. And if Ricky keeps running like he has been, we'll have that extra first rounder for the next draft (albeit a late-first rounder if the Dolphins keep playing this well).

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