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SaintNik 07-24-2003 01:42 AM

2nd Half Adjustments
Some coaches have the ability to figure out and make half-time adjustments each game that give the team a better chance to win. Of the Saints 7 losses last year, 6 were by a TD or less and we were leading in the 4th quarter. We also opened the season with a 6-2 mark and had a 3-5 record the 2nd half of the schedule. Did we get out coached in some of these losses because of adjustments made by the opposition and a we have the lead don't fix it if it aint broke mentality? Maybe. Much has been said about the defensive unit being worn down and the offense not getting it done in the 4th quarter of games lost and the 4th quarter of the season.

The upside is that we were in all of these losses except for one right down to the end. I like our coaching staff but this makes one wonder if we are not prepared to make the 2nd half adjustments needed to counter the adjustments made by the other team even when we are ahead. Or did we lack the killer instinct to put the other teams away? It seemed in some of those losses had we made a play here or there on either side of the ball in the 4th quarter the other team would have folded up but we just couldn't put them away. Let's hope we are in a position this year as last year to win 15 of the 16 games but make the minor adjustments down the stretch to win a few more. Block, Tackle, Catch, Punt, Pass & Kick. Also X & Os!

coastalkid 07-24-2003 06:43 AM

2nd Half Adjustments
We were in every game last year until the end. It does seem though that we played a first half and then a second half for most every game. We did lack the \"killer\" instinct. We also seem to play the second half with less \"go for it\" attitude than we usually started the game with. Is this because we were worn out? I don\'t think so I feel that the play calling changes and it seems as though we are just playing to not loose which usually causes us to loose. You are right in saying most teams make adjustments during half time to correct for what the other team is having success at doing. Are we doing this? Doesn\'t seem so or at least not with the same results that other teams do.

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