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coastalkid 07-24-2003 12:35 PM

Screen Pass
Anyone who attends practices at training camp please forward any info regarding how we are doing with the screen pass both defending it and running it offensively. This was a weakness for us last year that many teams used against us. From the offensive stand point we weren't exactly successful at running it either.

lumm0x 07-24-2003 01:15 PM

Screen Pass
I have to totally agree here CK...although I\'m more worried about defending it that running it. Too many times it was a momentum shift last year when it put us against the wall. I can\'t remember one screen we shut down.

As for using it in the offense, we ran alot of quick slants that basically had the same effect, but a well executed screen will do so much more to slow an all-out pass rush. It stops the defense from just going full bore at the QB all the time and when the suddenly beat the pass blocking they think \"was I meant to go by that easy\". I think our o-line, with their experience, can set it up quite easily. Not to Brooks-bash again, but he doesn\'t disguise well, a trait Favre and Manning are amazing at. Hopefully a QB coach this offseason can tutor on some of the intricacies of the position, because Aaron has all of the tools to be a pro bowler and needs to simply tweak the mechanics to get there.

SaintNik 07-24-2003 09:53 PM

Screen Pass
The Saints teams of all years past either had a major problem on defense stopping the screen pass or executing the screen pass on offense and most years couldn\'t do either. On defense it starts with recognizing it with the defensive lineman either putting quick pressure on the QB or breaking off their rush in pursuit of the RB. The LBs and DBs must clear traffic and beat the lineman out into the flat, disturbing the wall of blockers before or soon after the reception is made, and make open field tackles before the back has a chance to get up field. On offense the objective is just the opposite. It starts with the QB and the OL selling the down field pass long enough to set this play up. The lineman must have the quickness to release and get to the point of attack to set up the blocking wall and possess the agility to block in space while running flat out. The RB must have the patience to wait on the play to develop in front of him. When this play is executed with success it can gain huge chunks of yardage and is demoralizing to the defenders as the defensive lineman are forced to run three times the distance than usual on a single play. They find themselves fooled, must quickly change direction, and can tire fast from chasing this play from behind. It is a cornerbacks nightmare. When a 300 lb. offensive lineman is running as fast as he can directly at a 175 lb. cornerback who is now standing still it takes a great amount of courage for the CB to just avoid being wiped out in order to make the tackle. After getting squashed on this play, the DB must be able to run with a Donte\' Stallworth on the next play. This play more than any can slow down a pass rush. Expect the Saints to get Deuce in open space with this play often and we will see it go to the TEs and WRs as well.

coastalkid 07-25-2003 06:58 AM

Screen Pass
WOW saintnik I\'m impressed! How about you going to camp and explaining that to our offense and Defense. In fact I\'m sure you could provide some beneficial advise to Venturi. Thanks! Now make this work.

SaintNik 07-26-2003 12:24 AM

Screen Pass
Hey, I didn\'t invent or re-invent the (my sleigh doesn\'t reguire \'em) wheel. For the screen to be really effective the offense must have threat of the deep passing game. This play requires several things that a typical play doesn\'t. Timing is a big key. Patience by the QB while looking downfield. Patience by the RB to 1st disguise himself as if staying in to block, then after releasing, allowing the lineman to get out in front of him so as to not outrun the wall of blockers. The linemen fooling the rushers as having been beat to the QB before releasing out to block, and being able to block effectively on the run. The screen pass is only boring when it gains little or no yardage. It is very exciting to see our back catch the ball, our linemen pancaking the DBs, and the back gaining big yardage on the play. Practice makes perfect. Timing is everything. I hope we practice this play and get the timing down so the screen pass can be a bread and butter part of our offense this year. This is also a stat friendly play for the QB because completion is almost automatic. YAC determines success of play. If you run this play early and often in the game with positive results it will open up the downfield passing game, wear down the defensive lineman, and bang up the DBs. Screens to Deuce to the left, to the right, up the middle. Same to TEs. Get the WRs involved as well.

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