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SaintsFan 07-25-2003 01:34 AM

Did anyone hear anything about...
Fred Thomas?

Aaron2 07-25-2003 01:38 AM

Did anyone hear anything about...
Nope, no news as of yet. If anything comes up though it\'ll be on under \"Hot off the Wire\" one of my fav sites.

SaintsFan 07-25-2003 01:41 AM

Did anyone hear anything about...
cool :cool:

SaintNik 07-25-2003 02:54 AM

Did anyone hear anything about...
What prompts the one line question? Do you know something or have reason for concern or are you looking for his bio? Fred Thomas can cover with one arm tied behind his back and the other one in a mummy cast better than most in the league. He got little respect for his play last year but is getting some national recognition already this year and is projected to start ahead of Ashley Ambrose. Freddie was on his man like white on rice before the injury last year and even with the cast on with teams coming after him he played well. It was at the other corner that we had spotty play. Dale Carter missed first six games due to suspension then upon return played inconsistent though at times showed up as billed. Michael Hawthorne was not poor but was far from terrific before injury. Keyou Craver played with confidence for a rookie and was a playmaker until injury. Fahkir Brown played very well also before injury. Kerwin Cook played well for the most part as he also was a rookie. Four different corners were forced into the starting lineup during the Carter suspension and all showed up to play. I think Hawthorne seemed to lack the confidence that the others played with. The Saints were 6-2 in the 1st half of the year and 3-5 the second half of the year. Carter missed the first six games. He played in most of the losses. He was rusty and it showed at times as he gave up some big plays. He is being touted as our best corner at this time and already has his starting spot locked up. Hope he plays to his abilities this year. Much has been said about our slow footed safetys. I have never been impressed with the play of Jay Bellamy since he has been here. He dropped several ints, doesn\'t have the closing speed or reaction ablitiy to get the the receiver or make a play on the ball, and has shown some poor tackling attempts during his tenure. Sammy Knight has been criticized for his lack of foot speed and ability to cover one on one his man when lined up in a four or five wr set. OK. True. I\'ll go along with that. However, only Tommy Meyers in the history of Saints football can come close to the safety play of Sammy Knight. An undrafted undersized ( can anybody say Cie Grant ) linebacker coming out of USC, he made the switch to safety and became a full time starter by the 6th game of his rookie season (Ditka does get credit for this one, but it should not have taken the 6 games to see it as he had outplayed everyone in training camp and was a madman on special teams). He played the free safety position the first few years until Bellamy was brought in and then was moved to strong safety. Sammy is a fierce hitter and though he may have lacked outright foot speed, he had the instincts to anticipate and get to the ball. A head hunter and a ballhawk, upon his retirement there will be little delay before his induction into the Saints hall of fame. Don\'t be surprised to see him have big year with the fish. Those green eyes will match the uniform perfect but I\'ll have a tough time seeing him as anything other than a Saint. He brought his A-game every week and left it all out on the field each week. Having met him a few times, I would say he is the consumate pro. A fan favorite, he\'ll be missed, but the show must go on.

SaintNik 07-25-2003 03:15 AM

Did anyone hear anything about...
Attn: SaintsFan

Those one word posts may take you from practice squad status to probowl status overnignt but they add little substance and insight to this board. Try bringing something to the table either in the form of facts, news, or opinion.


saint5221 07-25-2003 09:36 AM

Did anyone hear anything about...
Can\'t agree with that assessment of Fred Thomas. Yes he plays with heart and can get in good position on most plays. The problem really is his size, he is to small, larger stronger recivers can go up and catch the ball right over him particularly in goal line situations. I saw this happen several times last year. He could be a good nickleback but he will get beat for points while being right there to much to square off aginst the leagues best on a regular basis. The fact that he is beating out Ambrose is not a good sign, word out of Atlanta was he had slowed considerably last year, lets see when camp starts. I agree about Keyou he has good instincs and speed, he just seems to have a nose for the ball. He got burned some but hey he was a rookie ajusting to a tough position. He too lack great size is only an inch taller than Thomas but makes up for it with springs for legs, the guy can get up. I sure hope Carter plays a lot better than last year he looked rough to say the least. We still need a corner with the speed and size to match up with the top recivers.

And new commers this is not a chat room it is a post, such scarcity of words appears to also be a scarcity of thought.

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