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A Simple Bush Question

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Ask Westbrook about being to small. W.Dunn had a nice career for someone that was to small. The point is you don't know how anyone is going to turn out in the NFL you just have to wait and see. ...

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Re: A Simple Bush Question

Ask Westbrook about being to small. W.Dunn had a nice career for someone that was to small. The point is you don't know how anyone is going to turn out in the NFL you just have to wait and see. Now it is Reggie's turn to prove that he is a #1 back. I for one think that he will be ok if the O-line will just make any kind of effort to block someone.
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Re: A Simple Bush Question

You know I can’t believe I’m going to do this but I have to side with Euph on this one
I personally think that you guys are focused on what Reggie was able to do last season and don’t get me wrong last season was awesome
but it’s time to face it
and facing it means accepting that this is not the same teas as last year
The team we had last season simply didn’t bother showing up to camp or the start of the NFL season

I think it’s time to stop living in a fantasy world…
Because 0 & 3 is 0 & 3
And then on top of that they didn’t play well at all in the pre season and unless they are planning on drafting more impressive players then Bellamy (and I don’t think they are) then I would have to say this is not going to get better
Certainly no Supper Bowl and I would say we might be able to turn it around and maybe make a wild card game but that’s a big maybe

You can say what you will but the bottom line is this

We have no “O” line so Reggie is not going to get help from them all season because this “O” line just has no fire in there hearts

Reggie has not been able to move the ball this season for very many yards because of the lack of effort from this “O” line

Do I see Reggie going up the guy much?
No! Reggie weighs just over 200lbs verses a 310lbs lineman and linebackers that weight over 250lbs lol it’s not going to happen, not with out good blocking you do the math.

I personally think that the Lion’s “O” line was better then our “O” line so by saying that the lions did it with sanders is a mute point because at this point it’s like comparing apples to oranges. Several people compared Bush to Sanders and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t say that very same thing over the off season. Hell I even posted it here in this forums but the one thing to remember is that the lions may have had Sanders who was definitely good and as is Bush but that still didn’t make them a better team for it.

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Re: A Simple Bush Question

To clarify, I haven't seen any running back that was as shifty and quick as Barry Sanders.
My point is that know one knows what the future holds for Reggie. He may suck as some suggest and he may be flat out awesome. I've seen hints of greatness from him in games so I'm guessing that he'll be just fine.
I will reserve my judgment on him as a player until I see more from him. If he stinks, go ahead and berate me.
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Re: A Simple Bush Question

You're not going to find anyone that agrees more than I that Reggie is not going to do much behind our o-line the way they have been blocking. Who would have great stats behind this line? I don't think that's the point of the thread.

Can Reggie be a featured back? I stand by my yes. I'd like to see him utilized a lot like Marshall Faulk was with the Rams. The last I saw Faulk's weight it was 211 and Reggie is 203 so there's not that much difference.

For all the naysayers, he has done nothing to indicate that he cannot handle the punishment of running in the middle. His best runs have come between the tackles so far. I don't have a doubt that he is physically capable and talented enough to do it.

Nobody could put up great numbers the way our O-line has blocked. Nobody.
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Cool Re: A Simple Bush Question

I hear how people say Reggie sucks. Hes just like B. Sanders. Sanders always had a bunch negative yards. Sanders ran behind the worst O-line ever but he got the job done. Give Reggie a break its his 2nd year he will get better.
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Re: A Simple Bush Question

Two things can help Reggie out through these tough times.

1. We all agree that the O-Line sucks. With better blocking, everybody that traded Reggie off their fantasy teams are going to be sick.

2. I just wish Coach Payton stop calling so many plays for him behind the line of scrimmage. Those pitches and swing passes are getting him killed before he even gets started toward the line of scrimmage. When we line up and run directly at them Reggie is to quick and fast for them to react to him all the time, just think about some of his biggest runs, they came on quick pitches toward the line and runs off-tackle. I say put Big Nasty (Karney) in front of him and let him go and he will be fine.

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Re: A Simple Bush Question

The Saints have 3 fundamental issues on offense. And Reggie will have problems being a feature back or anything else you want in a rushing attack until the Saints deal with all of the issues.

1. The O-line does not exist. Ha, not a surprise there. But without that O-line, nobody on offense has time to think, time to set up plays, and will not get time to remain on the field without some serious physical abuse.

2. Personnel to take or dish out simple smash mouth football. The personnel seem underweight and not quick enough to stop almost any type of front 3 or 4 or 7 defense. You name it and the Saints can't take it; stunts, slants, blitz (or the fancy name variants of them). So the Saints is reduced to making defensive offensive plays!!!! The Saints are playing low value plays to defend their opponents offensive defense!!!! Bang. The rushing offense disappears, the passing offense is low value and potentially high risk.

3. The playbook does not feature a horse that will take the licks for the cause of the team by driving North to South. Where is our Heyward or why is Stecker not in the play?

Groan. I have a headache

Our Saints, Our City, Our Soul
Saints are individuals of exceptional holiness
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