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J Brown, Petyon, D Line, O line, and WR's

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I would normally not second guess a coach, and while I do not think he needs to be fired or anything he had made some very bad decisions the last two games. The play calling down near the end zone ...

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J Brown, Petyon, D Line, O line, and WR's

I would normally not second guess a coach, and while I do not think he needs to be fired or anything he had made some very bad decisions the last two games.

The play calling down near the end zone was horrible, and obviously the FG try that everyone else has mentioned. But we run the same plays over and over again even when they do not work. What is up with the pitch sweep run play? No matter who ran it, it turned into negative yardage. The WR's stacking up, well lets see we ran it once and it worked, then it never worked again the other four times we ran it. Not to mention the fact that we never tried anything else out of that formation. The 4 and 1, deep pass play against Tennessee.

When Reggie ran between the tackles he did pretty well and the O-line blocked pretty well. The bad news is that we played a D line almost as bad as our own, so that is to be expected. I do not believe that we made any strides on the O line. J Brown, what a bone headed thing to do. I mean you are warned about setting up off the line, you err on the side of caution especially when the play that is called is not coming to your side of the field and is a quick pass. While I looked at the replay and he looked to be lined up inside of the centers hip, you do not want it to be close enough to give the refs a chance to call it. I applaud Peyton for making him accountable.

Henderson, Henderson, Henderson. Come on! You are a wide receiver, your job is to catch the damn ball. You had three critical drops today. you should be riding the pine or playing CB. Normally WR's who can't catch play CB.Two of them were just horrible. Why isn't Peyton holding him accountable for his crappy plays like what happened to Brown?

Karney, Colston, and Weatherford continue to be the only bright spot.

Brees is just off. I mean really off. His throws lack any speed, and his direction and judgement leave a lot to be desired. Are there lingering effects from the surgery that are just coming around now? It is not happy feet from the pounding of the previous three games, because you can see his feet fine.

The secondary still, still leaves a lot to be desired. MM is playing decent and is a bottom half #1 CB or a great #2. Our safeties are OK, KK played decent, Harper made some mistakes, and Fred Thomas is Fred Thomas. Why isn't Young in the lineup? He is fast enough to keep up with S Smith or anyone else, and inexperience cannot be any worse than constantly being slow and out of position like Craft and Thomas.

Simoneau has to be sleeping with Peyton's sister or something, Simmons played very well and there is no reason we should continue to suffer through Simoneau playing. Shanle played badly as well, he got in on a lot of tackles and dragged a few people down, but he is not good enough to be a starter either. He is better than Simoneau, but that is not saying much.

Our DT's did a good job of staying in their lanes, but still are not getting enough push in the passing game. I believe that Grant should be a DE in a 3-4 not a 4-3, or he should be playing DT in a 4-3. Will Smith is overrated, but he is still pretty good. Hollis Thomas seems to be not trying to get any push, when I watched the game, he seemed to be sitting on his blocks to make sure he stays in his lane, rather than getting push and staying in his lane.

Mare? Come on, WTF? OK I understand that 54 yarder, you are hurt, we should have not asked you to kick that one. But the chipshot? Ok, I know he should have been blocked better, but from that close your job is to get the ball up high and quick, you did neither.

All in all I did not see much improvement in any of the problem facets except rushing defense, but it appears the DT's are being told to not worry about push and to clog up the lanes to stop the run instead of trying to push and clog the lanes. I want Peyton to turn over the play calling. I want to see our rookies and or backups playing as much as possible, I want to see Henderson on the bench or on the corner selling Taco's.

I am disgusted and will be pulling for the Saints next Sunday, but I do not really expect any different outcome against a better opponent.
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Re: J Brown, Petyon, D Line, O line, and WR's

Well I am going against the Saints from here out. Get us the number one pick!!! We trade down get Dorsey and OL.
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Re: J Brown, Petyon, D Line, O line, and WR's

Can we draft Bo Pelini? D-coach and coordinator for LSU
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