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My Take. (It wasn't a shutout!)

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I stood there by myself at the exit tonight as people were leaving the game. I was wearing my Saints hoodie and my Saints knit cap. Not gloating, not being obnoxious, just serving as a reminder of the team that ...

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My Take. (It wasn't a shutout!)

I stood there by myself at the exit tonight as people were leaving the game. I was wearing my Saints hoodie and my Saints knit cap. Not gloating, not being obnoxious, just serving as a reminder of the team that beat the Seahawks tonight.
"1-4, good job." "So the Saints won one finally. So what?" These were some of the comments I heard as the fans passed by me. I said nothing. I didn't need to.
I heard all the paper bag comments and 0-4 comments and didn't respond. I didn't need to.

Anyway, I enjoyed the game. Especially when it was nice and quiet in the 3rd quarter. Here's my take on the game that I was fortunate to have been able to see in person on Sunday night.

Brees looked good. Brees had time. There is a correlation.
It's silly to think that the line only looked good when Karney picked up the slack. They all played well. I watched Stinchcomb because I've been skeptical of his play. He played well against anyone who lined up against him. When I saw Julian Peterson line up against him I thought for sure Peterson would win that battle. Jon looked good.

Other than the fumble, Bush looked good as well. Pretty good for a guy who's not a featured back.

Patten is fast. He and Moore should be ahead of Henderson no question. I'd like to see more Colston and less Bush receiving but that's me.
Billy Miller nabbed some important receptions too.

Saints run defense played tuff. I have no problem with the d-line. It's the other seven that scare me. That first Seahawk touchdown was gross negligence by Jason Craft. It happened right in front of me. What was he thinking? Of the back seven I really like Harper, Fujita and McKenzie. In that order.

And I witnessed something I thought I'd never see. Bullocks had an interception!

Good game.

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Re: My Take. (It wasn't a shutout!)

Last night the Saints played well as they did last year, the Seahawk fans know that the Saints are improving and that scares them some being the Hawks are only two games better than us...
Glad you enjoyed the game, enjoy it all week bro!!!
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Re: My Take. (It wasn't a shutout!)

Great win for us - no doubt. The defensive game plan worked. Many have had harsh words for both our offensive and defensive lines. I have never thought that they were playing all that bad. My perception was that they weren't being optimized - and I've layed that one in Payton's lap. That changed last night. The biggest change on the offensive side of the ball was Karney got playing time. His numbers were average (as usual), but everybody else was able to get off. That is what Karney brings: Bush needs that lead, and Brees needs that protection. The blocking schemes that worked for Duece, won't work for Reggie - he's too light in the pants. With Karney leading, he will get 2-3 opportunities a game to break the line of scrimmage untouched and force the defenses to make adjustments, that's when Brees can go to work. Fortunately for us, our first offensive play of the game set that stage. On the defensive side of the ball, they brought pressure. They have performed well against the run. Last night the blitz packages minimized our secondary exposure. We had been playing loose and giving teams time to pick their spots (ie.- 4th qtr). Last night we forced them to do what we wanted them to do - great job. It doesn't matter to me who gets the sack numbers. If we continue to bring pressure, we will force mistakes: quick throws, early throws, bad throws, and set our people up to make plays. If we keep that up on both sides of the ball, we will look much better and have much better results going forward.

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