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billyh1026 09-18-2002 08:04 PM

2 things about our offense that drive me nuts!!
First off let me say I'm not griping because the team bites on offense and/or they could/should score more points. I'm griping because I don't think McCarthy and Haslett are using two aspects of the offense like they should be.

1. Use Brooks on rollouts more and puh-lease bootleg him a time or two each game!! Yes I know they used him that way in the GB game. But it was what two times?? C'mon...he's a MOBILE QB. For Pete's sake get him mobile 5-6-7 times a game. I'm not saying run the dude every down but gimme a break!

2. This one really gets me. THROW THE BALL DEEP!!! Hello?? Can anyone on the team (or the face of this earth) explain why we haven't gone deep yet??? Once again, I'm not saying send everyone deep every play. But, AT LEAST send them deep once or twice a game.

Even if Brooks makes zero yards. Even if Brooks overthrows every reciever. Please try. Of course, I'd be more than glad to take a TD if it happens. For the record, I don't think saying "they're waiting for the right time" is a good reason either. There already have been right times. It might not be a game breaking run or pitch & catch, but please TRY!!

Someone back me up here. Can I get a witness??

whodatsaintsfan26 09-18-2002 08:53 PM

2 things about our offense that drive me nuts!!
I agree on the deep ball. ROY Stallworth is too fast not to throw the deep ball. The one thing AB has done pretty good in the past is throw a high pretty long ball. ROY Stallworth cant be covered deep. Give it a shot. They havent tried one yet. Im betting this week will be the one.

saintz08 09-18-2002 11:53 PM

2 things about our offense that drive me nuts!!
Two things first :

1. Can anyone tell me who is Roy Stallworth ??? Seen this before .

2. Ever notice old time radio\'s ??? They had 2 dials , one for changing the station if you did not like what was being said and the other for either turning it up or turning it off . I realize that was a simpler time but it sure seems a lot more intelligent then pressing a bunch of keys to form words and left clicking the mouse to post what a person already has the ability to do . :casstet:

Now , you have a witness .

Here is speculation
Brooks is limited in his accuracy . Brooks has limited ability to hit the following routes under normal game conditions , The deep ball , the drop pass and almost any route requiring a soft thrown accurate pass . An example was in the Green Bay game , Favre hits the receiver in the end zone corner , the ball drops in right over Knights reach and into the receivers hands . Brooks is a hard ball pitcher of passes , pass completions are generally slants or out patterns , patterns that put the receiver in direct line for Brooks to throw a strike .

The Bootleg plays into this theory , Mc Carthy is a quarterbacks coach as well s a offensive coordinator . Who better to mask the problem ??? Brooks rolls out to avoid the pass rush at times but primarily to reset the receivers pattern . The unspoken language between receiver and quarterback is that if the quarterback is in trouble , break off the route and go to alternate route . This route is usually a hook route or a come back route , the new route puts the receiver directly in front of Brooks for him to deliver the fast ball . If Mc Carthy calls to many bootleggs the opposing defensive coordinator will focus his ends on containment rather than pass rush , and Mc Carthy will have cut off Brooks ability to reroute the receivers .

Brooks wanted a new contract , before the season . He held out to get his point across , he expressed his anger in the media and almost seemed desperate at times . The long standing distance between Loomis and Brooks agent was the guaranteed money .

Money that could not be taken away if he was released . Only time will tell ....

saintfan 09-19-2002 09:31 AM

2 things about our offense that drive me nuts!!
I know I said I wasn\'t going to acknowledge SAINTZ08 anymore, but here I am. I just can\'t sit here and NOT reply. According to SAINTZ08, every issue this team has lands directly on the shoulders of Aaron Brooks. He HATES Aaron Brooks. He talks about how excellent Brett Farves touch pass is. No one here would argue that, but how much more experience does Brett Have. Was he not once a raw AB himself. I\'d guess so. Brooks may never be Joe Montana, but it doesn\'t take Joe Montana to win football takes a LOT of things. The QB can\'t throw it, catch it, and run with it. He needs 10 other people on the team with him, and sometimes one of those other 10 might have something to do with a problem.

Do you remember the TB game. The Saints needed a few first downs to run out the clock and end the game. On third down AB zipped a strike to Joe Horn. Joe dropped the ball, and after the game admitted it\'s one he should have caught. Was the Aaron\'s fault? If you ask SAINTZ08 he\'ll tell you something like...\"well, Aaron threw it too hard\". I mean jeesh...

Hey Saintz08, we all know you can\'t stand Aaron, but do us all a favor and get off it already. I\'m sure you\'re a great guy. Heck, I\'d probably enjoy talking football with you, but all this Aaron Bashing is gettin old man. :mad:

whodatsaintsfan26 09-19-2002 03:55 PM

2 things about our offense that drive me nuts!!
ROY Stallworth is Rookie Of the Year. Im making his early push

subguy 09-19-2002 05:49 PM

2 things about our offense that drive me nuts!!
Alright, i don\'t agree with passing long......we are not a bomb team. I believe in the 9-12 yards move the ball down the field and let Deuce run and do more screens. I know you may say, we have Horn, Stallworth(no one faster), Pathon, but i feel looking at last year when we were behind every game and did pass long, we weren\'t real succesful. Maybe a couple big play opportunities per game, remember turnover ratio and not coming from behind.

However, I do agree totally with the bootleg. Where we really need to utilize this is in the red zone. With 5 potential threats, 3 listed above and Deuce and Sloan, it is alot for any team to watch, which gives Aaron an opportuntiy to rush for potential TD\'s or a first down in the red zone. I kept wishing we would do it against GB. Sitting with friends and saying, we sure shouldn\'t put Aaron out like a lamb to slaughter, like his cousin. But bootleg him near the endzone........Sloan quick post slant....Deuce screen, Stallworth or Pathon andHorn to the flag, Smith leading the bootleg block. Redzone success. Sorry I got excited and started to put the x\'s and o\'s

billyh1026 09-19-2002 06:38 PM

2 things about our offense that drive me nuts!!
Who is Saintz08 and what is he trying to say? I mean, I understand about 1/2 of what he\'s trying to convey but the rest?? What? Some rambling about \'masking the problem\'. Then off on a tangent and off topic about Brooks, Loomis, an agent, and money?? Huh?? So my question is basically, do I ignore this guy or what??

I still think we should stretch the defense and bootleg Brooks with the Tight End dragging across as an option. Actually, I have no idea why more teams don\'t use the last part. Then again, maybe that\'s why I coach from the house and they do it from the field....

saintz08 09-19-2002 09:08 PM

2 things about our offense that drive me nuts!!
Billy here is the answer .

If you are 100% satisfied with Aaron Brooks .
If you are just happy the team is winning .
If you do not wonder about the whole contract extension issue .
If you never wonder why a drive stalls , time and time again .
If you have never looked at a high power offense and said if only .

Ignore all posts by saintz08 , consider him a blabbering idiot .

If you are fascinated by the x\'s and o\'s .
If you have reviewed tape of a game more than once .
If you understand the difference 6 inches makes in a quarterback .
If you know how the angle of delivery changes an offense .
If you see the defense line up and say , this would work .
If your not content with the thought of they lost .

Give the posts by saintz08 a read , do not have to agree .
Thats kind of why these forums exist , for individuals to express their views even if they are redundant .

Where is Gumbo ??????????

By the way , ROY is a good one ...

Cassady37 09-20-2002 06:56 AM

2 things about our offense that drive me nuts!!
To answer your question Billy, Saintz08 has good football knowledge that is clouded by his obsession with Aaron Brooks. Much like a jilted lover gone bad, i.e. Fatal Attraction. But if you can cut through all his needless bashing of Aaron he usually has something decent to say but as of late many are trying to ignore him because he insists on whining every chance he gets about our starting Q.B. He reminds one of another fan in a another forum last year that kept bashing Turley every chance he got until it was neither fun or classy and everyone got fed up real quick. And no matter what stats he tries to convey in his arguements, it\'s a mute point and he just doesn\'t get it.

saintz08 09-20-2002 10:03 AM

2 things about our offense that drive me nuts!!
Well at least there is no more , Ricky Williams is a plow horse and Blake is to short to Run the West Coast .

Gotta pass this one on : - NFL films has Saints /Bears as lead intro .

For Ram haters -

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