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Big test for the OL

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; No doubt in my mind, this weekend will be a HUGE test for the Saints' rejuvenated offensive live. Good QBs (like Manning) got pressured, hurried, and hit by the Jags' defense. They play tough, very physical, and get after the ...

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Big test for the OL

No doubt in my mind, this weekend will be a HUGE test for the Saints' rejuvenated offensive live. Good QBs (like Manning) got pressured, hurried, and hit by the Jags' defense. They play tough, very physical, and get after the QB against every team they play.

Personally, I believe the Saints' streak of sackless games will come to an end this weekend. I'm interested in what everyone else thinks.
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Re: Big test for the OL

In my opinion, someone else will have to step up besides Brees this game, Reggie, Pierre, Stecker, someone...to take the pressure from being squarely on Brees's shoulders. (or the defense)
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Re: Big test for the OL

I agree. This week will show us where we are. I believe that we will have to SOMEWHAT be able to run the ball to make pass rushers at least pause to peep at the runners. One extra second is hugh when it comes to time for Brees to throw, and just as important, for receivers to make their breaks on timing patterns. I don't expect every hand-off to go for 17. We probably will have a few 2's, and 1's, perhaps a -1 or 2. But we can't toss in the towel on the run because a couple of runs get stuffed. If we let Karney lead for Bush, Stecker, and Thomas, we will get some good run results at the end of the day. The whole goal is to create situations where Brees can go to work, and have the time to deliver strikes in rhythm. A decent run effort also allows the defense to rest. We will have to play well on both sides of the ball this week. 500 would be a beautiful thing!

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Re: Big test for the OL

What we have to do on defense is , "STAY IN OUR LANES WHEN RUSHING" dont fall for any play action fakes----just stay in our lanes and we WILL stop the run.
As for offense.........Brees needs to roll out alot this game.....they are not fast on the ends especially if Stroud does not play.............

again.........offense.......roll Brees out...........
.........defense......stay in your lanes!!!

GEAUX SAINTS..............GEAUX LSU!!!!!
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Re: Big test for the OL

I'm sure the sackless streak will end soon. I wonder what the record is. Brees is at 156 attempts without one. (I know Brad Johnson had 160 at TPA...someone try to find this because I got nothing)

As far as handling the front four of the Jags, I'd do the same thing the Tide will do on Saturday. Throw a bunch of screens and outlet passes and use the pass rush against them.
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Re: Big test for the OL

This game should show us a lot against their interior line.

I didn't think our line would hold Kerney, Peterson, Peppers, etc. sackless... and they proved everyone wrong. Hopefully they'll continue this trend... it's a great recipe for a W.
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Re: Big test for the OL

grady jackson...what impact does he have vs the o-line now that he signed with the jags
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Re: Big test for the OL

It's a huge test for both Saints lines and I would love it if both played great football this weekend.

Quinn Gray isn't very scary but he was involved in beating a good Bucs defense last weekend so he should be respected at least.

I don't usually go to other forums but I did go to jagszone.com and invited the posters there to post here so hopefully we'll see some of their fans over here.
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Re: Big test for the OL

If the coach has any rabbits left in the at, thi swould be a good game to use them in. Fred Taylor says they welcome run blitzing as it gives them opportunities for big plays.
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Re: Big test for the OL

I think they should incorporate TE Eric Johnson more into the offensive game plan, little dink and donk 5-9 yard passes would go a long way in slowing them down a bit, and the draw play to Reggie and Pierre will definitely give them something to think about.
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