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tweeky 07-30-2003 06:05 PM

Saint Pro-bwlers - 2003
Who do you guys predict will make the pro bowl for us?
Here's my pix

Deuce - Duh!
Bentley-gets his due
Horn-But Stallworth will deserve it

Howard-steps it up, 15 sacks this year

Special teams
Lewis-best in league

5 pro-bowlers aint bad.

Comeback player of the year...
Dale Carter-1/2 sympathy, 1/2 deserving

Close but no cigar...
Tebucky Jones
Stallworth... 1st year of deserving it usually doesn't make it

What do you guys think?

billybignuts 07-30-2003 07:43 PM

Saint Pro-bwlers - 2003
I hope that Aaron Brooks plays well enough to earn a spot on the pro bowl team.

BillyCarpenter1 07-30-2003 10:34 PM

Saint Pro-bwlers - 2003
The one player I want to go and absolutely beleive will go is Aaron Brooks.

But here\'s my list Tweeky.

1. Aaron Brooks.
2. Joe Horn
3. Donte Stallworth
4. Duece McAllister
5. Le Charles Bentley
6. Dale Carter
7. Darren Howard
8. Beer Man

I still feel like I\'m leaving someone out. :P

SaintNik 07-31-2003 01:38 AM

Saint Pro-bwlers - 2003
I can\'t disagrree with any of the above choices. However, it is unlikely that more than 5 players will make the pro bowl from one team during any one year. Remember, the voting is weighted from the players themselves. The most deserving player at any given position can be left out as the selections are somewhat based on popularity. The AP all nfl team is a bit less biased but not perfect in its choices either. Hopefully we will have 10 players deserving of these honors.

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