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frankeefrank 07-31-2003 02:07 AM

Is this our best team ever???
I'd like to think so...
Let me spell it out for you...
starts at QB, check the stats AB is good....
Plus it's the year, QB's mature after 4 full seasons
Bonus Reading: see only NO play-off win

Did I mention we have the best RB in the NFC?
If you think it was a fluke then why did we trade the best RB in the AFC so he could start?

WR's... Joe Horn -- He'll tell you why he's good himself (If not.. see Pro Bowl's), Donte Stallworth --future Pro Bowler 4.1 40, Jerome Pathon --or, He who will make the BIG catch this year. Trust me

TE's If Boo (TD machine) is down on the list, the units got to be good.

OL -- Will be the best in the league this year... 4 potential Pro Bowlers and I only exclude Fontenot (he's old). Plus two quality rookie back-ups Holland, The Stinch

Defense, Yeah I know...
Let me think... Oh wait,
We have 3 CB's that could start on ANY other team. Fred Thomas, Dale Carter, Ashley Ambrose...
Plus a new safety that has a ring... SEE Jones, Tebucky

But yes, you're right... We can't rush the passer...
Darren Howard, Charles Grant are as good as any DE tandem in the League
The best D-team in the league had 19 sacks from their DE's... They had 15...
DT's trust me when you signa vet like Ford and no one cares that means your loaded.

LB even I can't fake this one.. It's a ?
But, Ruff is fast, Rogers is proven, Sedrick it tested, James is Fresh, and Cie, well anyone with the name Cie who plays pro ball is begging to be a star.
Wait and see... (Pun intended)

Carney and Berger are legit...
And Michael can take it to the house on any ST play...

Your thoughts????????????

tweeky 07-31-2003 07:09 AM

Is this our best team ever???
Top 5 O
Top 10 D
Top 1 ST
8 possible pro-bowlers

Yea, its the best team I can remember, including the 12-3 Dome Patrol year.

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