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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; General question for the league in general. I haven\'t played this before. So, It seems to me, that you \'waste\' a reciever in order to pick up return yards. So, is there a way to perhaps convert one or 2 ...

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General question for the league in general. I haven\'t played this before. So, It seems to me, that you \'waste\' a reciever in order to pick up return yards. So, is there a way to perhaps convert one or 2 of the bench slots and pick up special teams as a unit? perhaps
use return yards gained vs return yards given up. Plus TD scored, minus TD\'s given up. Don\'t know if the sofware is flexible enough to allow that, but would add a slightly different dimension.
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OK, now I\'m starting to get excited. This league looks really fun, and deep! I can\'t wait.
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They kept the scoring normal, ...
Ahm, no they didn\'t. And I can only urge everyone to take a good look at the league scoring settings (the new make RBs a hotter commodity for example).
Out of the 3 leagues, the #2 league is the only one that changed the scoring from Yahoo Default. The \"Howard\" league dropped the 20 yds/point for recieving and rushing yards to 10 yds/point for recieving and rushing yards and added return yards at 10 yds/point as well. The recieving and rushing kinda washes out. It just makes TDs less important. The return yards however...

THAT makes a big difference, but it doesn\'t make just RBs stronger, it actually strengthens up alot of WRs. Anyone who has a job on offense and does returns will be equal to a #1 pick! Wow, I just did some calculations. Based on last years stats, that makes Michael Lewis a better pick than Joe Horn! By ALOT! Lewis had 2632 AP Yards and 3 TDs worth 281 Fantasy Points. Joe Horn had 1312 Rec Yards and 7 TDs worth 173 Fantasy Points!!!

Dear god! It gives Mike Lewis a 60 point edge over Terell Owens! And Owens only has a 20 point edge over Steve Smith of Carolina, and Smith missed a game!

Good lord! I think the only players in the leage that would have put up better points than Lewis under that scoring system last season would have been Priest Holmes, Ricky Williams, and LaDanian Thomlinson. And Ricky and LT wouldn\'t have beat him by much! That scoring system makes Dante Hall a top 10 pick! Who is Dante Hall you may ask? EXACTLY! Who the hell is Dante Hall?!?

I must admit. I came dangerously close to deleting my team in the #4 league and making a team in this league just for the easy win. Using my #1 pick on a normal 1st round candidate... Then start taking picks earlier than they should go. Picking a big number QB like Gannon or Manning in the 2nd round, Shockey or Gonzalez in the 3rd, Tampa\'s Defense in the 4th, Then start picking up some starters and snatching up people like Lewis, Steve Smith, and Dante Hall (Again you ask, who is Dante Hall? Look him up!) between the 7th and 10th rounds and getting players that are TOP 10 Picks in the mid to late rounds! But I\'m not. I\'m gonna crush everyone in the Deuce league with my own skills, and not by using exploits. BUT...

No disresect to whomever is the commisioner of league #2, but either they are new to Fantasy Football or they have rigged the points so they can get a super-stud player disguised as Mike Lewis. Regardless I\'m sure I have just ruined someone\'s day.

"Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so." -- Douglas Adams.
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im the commish of #2 and i did it that way not to exploit the special team game but to allow those stats to be part of the game which most of those yards would be a waste

but i really didnt think about the point values of lewis\' 2500 return yards.. so in light of this new info.. i changed it from 10 yards to 1 pt to 20 yards to 1 pt

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