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BillyCarpenter1 08-01-2003 04:20 PM

Saints hope defense holds up.

Saints hope rebuilt defense can hold up

With at least seven new starters on ‘D’, New Orleans must try to jell unit quickly


The Saints had no trouble scoring points last year, piling up an NFC best 432. Problem was, opponents left their defense buried under nearly as high a pile.

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BillyCarpenter1 08-01-2003 04:48 PM

Saints hope defense holds up.

He might yet do the same with Grady Jackson, who waddled into a spring mini-camp at nearly 400 pounds.

360 lbs is a long way from 400 lbs. Where is this guy getting his information?


That battle should continue until September, and the smart money says a slimmed down Jackson (say 370) will prevail
Grady came in camp under that. The guy must be a falcon or bucs fan.


The Saints traded to obtain erratic Tebucky Jones to play free safety
Guess that\'s why the Patriots put the franshise tag on him.


the Saints’ offense will be all but unstoppable because they were the top scoring unit in the NFC last season even with Brooks often not playing as well as expected.
He had to get a negitive shot in on our #1 NFC offense somewhere.


Prediction: Fourth

Your turn Tweeky.................

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whowatches 08-02-2003 12:13 AM

Saints hope defense holds up.
quote: Now all he has to do is make plays on a defense that had only 39 sacks last season and seems to have only a minimal presence with its edge rusher
Wait a second here. Didn\'t Howard post eight sacks and Grant (a rookie) seven? Mininmal presence? Sure, the linebackers didn\'t get to the QB like we\'d wanted, but this guy\'s analysis seems a bit skewed to me.

Oh well, we seem to perform better when we have these sort of predictions working against us.

SaintNik 08-02-2003 02:55 AM

Saints hope defense holds up.
We are no doubt in a dividion with teams that at this time are also quite capable. Only the AFC West had a better combined record last year. How can aqnyone look at us as a 4th place team regardless of division strenghts? The defense may have seven or eight new starters, but, could very well play a lot better. The offense and special teams should be just as good if not better. Even as bad as the defense played last year and the well chronicled December slide, the Saints had the lead in 6 of the 7 losses going into the 4yh quarter. This means we had a chance to win these games. When we win the division this year there will be plenty of doubters turned ringleaders who may just be reminded of their skewed thoughts and predictions. You know, opinions are like rectums. Some just need to be rectified!

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