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What's Up With Reggie???

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Everybody is coming down on Reggie, and the reality is, It's not Reggie's fault. Reggie had a nice per carry average in this game (like in the last few games), but the coaching staff is just not committed to the ...

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Re: What's Up With Reggie???

Everybody is coming down on Reggie, and the reality is, It's not Reggie's fault. Reggie had a nice per carry average in this game (like in the last few games), but the coaching staff is just not committed to the run. This kid has the same injury as WR Steve Smith from Carolina had and he missed like two games. How many games did Reggie miss? NONE!, If the coaches don't run him like they are supposed to, why do we blame him? Why we don't blame the coaching staff? Everybody say this kid can't carry the running game, but how do we know this when the coaching staff is not committed to it? Let's not condemned the kid before he is giving an honest opportunity by the coaching staff to prove himself.

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Re: What's Up With Reggie???

I for one don't have a problem with Reggie. I don't think the staff is useing him right. However,I don't see him as an every down back either. He's just not suited to that. We need a big bruising back to pound into the defense. Someone that will make them think,oh no, here he comes again. Pound it on them. Run the ball down their throat.
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Re: What's Up With Reggie???

Originally Posted by hagan714 View Post
I still stand by my choice: D'Brickashaw Montgomery Ferguson
But that is here nor there. He is not in B&G. Reggie is and now we need to get him goingl.
Since we're keepin it real, I wanted to trade down for Cutler until Brees was signed. I then focused on D Brick and Mangold. When we signed our C, then the second pick became an LB. The Jets offered their two #1s, and I think change for Matrix.

I am in no way downing him, but I believed an RB wasn't a glaring need with Deuce and Steck in camp. I respected the staff decision to get a player with the potential of Matrix in camp, along with his star power getting butts in the seats. I also respect his work ethic, community efforts, and desire to be the best. I hope he does just that, and in no way am I disappointed by his progress thus far.

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Re: What's Up With Reggie???

I can get down on Bush because the OL was not built with running as it number one priority. They are a pass blocking unit. If running was key then Brown would be back at RT. Till we address LT and get our best RT in position. Bush gets a pass.
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Re: What's Up With Reggie???

I was/am a Reggie supporter. However, I am starting to think that when RB was at USC he was a "Big Fish" in a small pond, and now he is playing against defenses that are as fast as he his and he doesn't know who to adjust to the speed of the NFL.

Knowing the luck of the Saints, if they were to trade him away to any other team, he would explode and be a Barry Sanders. Joe is right. He is not being used correctly.
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Re: What's Up With Reggie???

Originally Posted by LongTimeFan View Post
I'm starting to feel that he's not the type of RB that can win you close games, he's just in his second season so I'll hold off on calling him a bust.
Co-sign. Let's give him, Payton, Brees, and all the new guys a chance. I know everybody wants to win a Superbowl now, but let's face it. We ain't beatin' Indy or New England if we through some miracle did make the playoffs AND beat Dallas & Green Bay. No matter how you slice it, we were looking at '09 the earliest anyway.

But dang, can we hire Barry Sanders to teach Reggie how to read his blocks?
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