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Records Are Set To Be Broken

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; The Saints have their backs against the walls. They are on the verge of elimination from the playoff race. Really? How about this: The Saints are still alive in the playoff hunt. And as far as their playoff hopes are ...

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Records Are Set To Be Broken

The Saints have their backs against the walls. They are on the verge of elimination from the playoff race. Really?

How about this: The Saints are still alive in the playoff hunt. And as far as their playoff hopes are concerned, they have to do their part and win one-week-at-a-time. It starts Monday Night in Atlanta.

The 2007 LSU Tigers had a setback in their quest for a National Title because of Arkansas’ win at Tiger Stadium. Did they cry over the setback? Did they wring their hands wondering if #1 Missouri and #2 West Virginia would lose their games to reopen the door for a National Title?

Uhhhh…. No. The Tigers just did what they had to do to get where they are right now. First, they had to take care of business in the SEC Championship game, and let the chips fall where they may. That, they did …and the chips fell in place. Now, all Les Miles and the Tigers have to do is beat the Ohio State Buckeyes (which is no small task), and they have yet another National Title this decade (this time, it will be undisputed). Well, with the controversy over the BCS ranking system, the legitimacy of the National Title will probably rage on.

Now, shift your attention to the New Orleans Saints. There are several teams bottlenecked in the quest for a wildcard shot. The Saints (with 4 conference losses) are still in a competitive spot, but as most of you reading this article realize: There’s not much wiggle room. But be that as it may, the postseason race is not for the fainthearted. It is for those who finish strong. And, yes I will remind you that the 2002 Saints were sitting pretty at 9-4, only to falter with three straight losses to teams with a losing record …and missed the playoffs (with a 9-7 record) on a tiebreaker. Bummer!

Who will make it in this year? It’s anyone’s guess. But I’ll close it out with a story that I heard this past week as recounted by Rush Limbaugh:

Bill Belichick in, I guess it was a Super Bowl game against the Rams in the Superdome. The years run together. But during the week leading up to the game, you know, coaches do whatever they can to motivate their players, and Belichick thought he'd get a videotape of a horse race from the Breeders Cup from two or three years ago that nobody would remember, and at the starting line, before the shotgun, before the shotgun start, he told the players, "Pick a winner." So the players all picked the horse that they thought was going to win. A quarter through the race, quarter way, first turn, he stops tape. "Who do you think is going to win now"? The players changed their mind, picked the racehorses because their horses had lost ground. Some horses had pulled ahead. Players changed their mind. Halfway, he stops the tape. "Okay, who's going to win now?" Players change their mind and pick winners again, different from the winners that they had picked at first. Some stuck with their original guesses. Three-quarters of the way through the race, he stops the tape, says, "Who's going to win this horse race now, based on what you see?" And they made their choices. So Belichick says, "It doesn't matter what's happening right now. There's no way you know who's going to win this race a quarter of the way into it, halfway into it or three-quarters of the way into it. You don't know. It's silly to be picking winners here. You don't know who's going to win the race 'til the race is over, and the horse that wins the race is going to be the horse that finishes it first. So when we get to Sunday, guys, play all four quarters and finish strong." He used it as a motivational tool.” (Courtesy of RushLimbaugh.com)

The first 12 games of this season are history. The last quarter of the 2007 season is unwritten history.

To our New Orleans Saints: You’re our team, and your fans are behind you. Play hard; finish strong.

Geaux Saints.

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