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Mike Karney Comments on Bush

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Mike Karney Comments on Bush Many of you have mentioned this before. Quote: "This is your job, you do it because you love it. You're not here because you like to do it. You're not here for the money. You're ...

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Mike Karney Comments on Bush

Mike Karney Comments on Bush
Many of you have mentioned this before.

"This is your job, you do it because you love it. You're not here because you like to do it. You're not here for the money. You're here because of the fact that you love the game. You're here to be the best player you can be. And to do that, it takes a lot of preparation."

Karney also brought up Bush's high profile off the field, saying, "He's living a whole different life than a lot of us in this locker room, and a lot of guys throughout the National Football League. He's got a lot of things on the outside that are pretty distracting.

"I think he does a good job of handling the distraction. But I think he knows he can do a lot better with it, and he will tell you that. And I think that just comes with maturity."
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Re: Mike Karney Comments on Bush

I think Karney handled that question very professionally and diplomatically. He let the fans know what we wanted to know without taking an obvious swipe at Reggie.
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Re: Mike Karney Comments on Bush

What is Mike going to do. This is a united team. He is going to stand up for Bush and say only the things that Bush has already mentioned. the media can look long and hard but I do not think they will find a whistle blower in the group. Not that there is anything to to keep secret.
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Re: Mike Karney Comments on Bush

Besides 3rd Down, the second most astounding aspect of Payslett's coaching is looking at Karney standing on the sidelines on obvious running plays, or goalline situations.
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Re: Mike Karney Comments on Bush

Bush is a team player, no doubt, not like a TO or Chad Johnson, he has much more class than both of those guys together. I don't think he was used properly when Deuce went down, someone mentioned in another thread that we should have gone after another back to take the punishment or at least played Thomas, Stecker and Branch more to take the load off of Bush. Bush will probably never be the typical NFL running back we just need to find a way to use his talent better.
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Re: Mike Karney Comments on Bush

All the Bush bashing that is going on around the media and even with some fans (a freind of mine told me the other day that Bush is just a "knucklehead") makes me sick. Apparently these people watch the games, but they don't see them. IMHO, the problem with Reggie is he's trying to make something out of nothing most of the time. I think he plays with a great deal of heart, and he hustles every time he's on the field. He needs to develop a sense of when the play is over. The "fumble" is a prime example. Henderson was forced wide on the reverse by an oncoming defender,so he should have held on to the ball and taken the loss. However "taking a loss" is not his strong suit, because he grew accustomed to a great deal of success at SC. So he tried to force it to work and the rest is history. You may read what you want into all of the not so great decisions he has made, but I see a guy who just wants to win. I'll take a guy like that on my team any day. I like him and I wish him the best in his career. Reggie Bush is a "class act" and a good football player and I really believe he will put it all together eventually. I only hope that when he does the fans that are out there booing haven't chased him to another team.

That's all I got to say about that!!
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