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UScSaint 06-10-2002 10:01 AM

My thoughts on the Saints and Jamal Anderson
I'm not completely sold on this guy, never was. Although being a lifetime falcon-hater may taint my opinion. I always thought that he was only able to rack up all of those yards in 1998 because of an NFL anomaly that occurs about once every there's a solar eclipse, a collection of aging players at the peak of their abilities collected on one team for one time. That Altanta team was destined to go to the superbowl and rack up all those impressive wins and yards but had no chance of repeating either afterward, sorta similar to our boys in 92 and 93.
If I was GM and had the chance I would sign him to a 1 year contract for veteran's minimum salary because when you look at him from a distance you will still see that he is a one dimensional back who needs 30 carries a game to be effective (remind you of anyone?) and has two surgically repaired knees to boot. He would only be a minor help. Stick with Deuce, I promise he will suprise a lot of people.

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