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No one's out of the NFC WC Race

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; For those of you who bothered to notice last week, it was suggested that we Saints fans needed to get on the Washington bandwagon. Now that the Skins won last night, here's to what we have to look forward: NYG ...

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No one's out of the NFC WC Race

For those of you who bothered to notice last week, it was suggested that we Saints fans needed to get on the Washington bandwagon. Now that the Skins won last night, here's to what we have to look forward:

NYG (9-5)
@ Buffalo (7-7)
vs. Patriots (14-0)
Given that the Pats game is a foregone loss...Wow, a little bad weather, their two main passing targets down, 2 big defenders down and we've got the makings of a third straight swoon. Washington's win last night gave the Skins hope for a playoff spot while the Giant's whole year rests on playing another bad weather game, on the road against an in-state rival who's pissed about missing the playoffs and would like nothing more than crushing "arrogant big brother." Saints fans need to be Bills fans as well on Sunday, because we may not need the Vikes to lose if the Gi-Aints lose out (better conference record 8-4 vs 7-5 --1st tiebreaker).

Vikes (7-6)
vs. Bears (5-8 )
vs. Skins (7-7)
@ Denver (6-8 )
Two realistic opportunities to get beat here. Denver might as well suit up in usher's uniforms as their fans will be heading to the aisles before pre-game is over. However, the Bears aren't completely out of it and they've got some iota of pride left - division rival, lost last game at home, blah blah. Bears aren't a great choice to win, but they'll hurt the Vikes. However, here's the game of the year for the Saints - skins @ minn. Washington's in it and in it to the hilt. Big win at the Meadowlands and riding a lot of momentum with a career practice squad qb. Tough D against the run, good pass rush, passable offense. Minnesota'll be coming off a tough win on Monday night, so short week and they'll be ripe. Whatever comes of tonight, we're all still Skins fans. Cheer for Denver to get some stones, though.

Skins (7-7)
@Vikes (7-7)
vs Dallas (12-2)
Skins have to win out and hope that the Saints lose a game and the Giants lose out as they would lose to the Saints in conference record but beat the Giants and the Vikes in a 9-7 quagmire. As described above, there's a great chance for the Skins to win on the road against the Vikes, however, not much of a chance to win against the 'Boys given that home-field advantage rides on beating the Skins (no Cowboy wants another piece of Lambeau Field in January). We're Skins fans for another week - woo hoo! Even if they do beat the Pokes, we'd still have the better conference record in a win-out scenario.

Detroit (6-8 )
vs. KC
@ GB
Ding, the Kitna meter fell 4 games short of a 10 win season. Forked. They might beat KC, they might even beat GB, but they still lose out almost every 8-8 scenario. Great season (snkk, snork)!

Philly (6-8 )
@ Saints (7-7)
vs Buffalo (6-8 )
Held off the dogs with a confounding win vs the Pokes. They still have a mathematical shot if there's a coagulation around 8-8, but it is so remote that this team should be fitted for usher's uniforms. However, Philly won't ever roll over, so this will be a real war. Saints' fans should be thankful for the win against the 'Boys because that made both Dallas and GB motivated for their last games as there is a real reason to show up - one or more of those games could wind up helping the Saints in tiebreak situations.

Bears (6-8 )
@ Vikes (7-6)
vs GB (12-2)
vs Saints(7-7)
Though their conference record will be 5-7 and will lose out against everyone if there's a mass of teams at 8-8, the Bears will still put a lot of effort into closing the season strong. Their only realistic shot at a win is beating the Saints in the season closer given that the Bears' are facing two divisional foes who are keeping realistic playoff issues alive. By that point, though, the Bears may be trying to pimp-out Denver for their ushers' uniforms. Let's just cheer for the Bears to throw a hurt at the Vikes, then slough off to Cancun.

Cards (6-8 )
Why bother. They lose every scenario in an 8-8 situation. There is no conceivable situation where they could make the playoffs unless Minn and Washington tie. But they play the Flake-ons, so cheer for them anyway.

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