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Halo 09-21-2002 07:55 PM

I'm posting this for EDDIERAY. "What a Team!"
This years Saints team is like no other I have seen since the Dome Patrol team. Their fire runs deep and they seem to be on a mission to prove that they are a much better team than last years collapse would indicate. They seem to have more of a yard dog attitude than ever before, and I have seen in this years team a willingness to Fight, Claw and Scratch to the very end. This is a welcome sight, because at the end of last year there didn't even seem to be a growl left in this team. We seem to have also a QB who with a little more maturity will be one of the great QB's in the league. We haven't had that since Archie Manning. At least this QB has a team around him, something Archie never had. I am especially pleased with the Duece and his ability to make great plays from the line of scrimmage. Then there are Horn,Pathon and Stallworth, WOW ! what a crop of recievers, not to mention a tight end that has the great ability not to get hurt in the first game. I'll be suprised if this years team dosn't win at least 11 games. What aTeam!


Terev 09-22-2002 07:17 AM

I'm posting this for EDDIERAY. "What a Team!"
:) Hi new here.. 11? This team is capable of 19-0. One game at a time it is very possible. We play at the level we are able to and the only real threat I see is San Fran, and that\'s only if they improve tremendously. Of course, we could mess up, but I am a diehard Saints fan. I\'ll believe we can\'t lose until we actually do.


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