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WhoDat 09-22-2002 11:15 PM

The best of the best
The Saints are the best 3-0 team in the league. How can I say that you ask? Especially with the way that New England and Miami are playing. Consider this:

The Saints are the only 3-0 team whose opponents have a combined winning record.

Opponents’ combined record for 3-0 teams as of Sunday night:
New Orleans 5-3
Denver 3-5
Miami 3-6
New England 2-6
San Diego 2-7
Carolina 0-8

Further, every team the Saints have played has one loss – the New Orleans Saints. Of course, that could change tomorrow night if the Rams beat the Bucs, but it won’t change the fact that we will be the only team whose opponents’ combined record is above .500.

More impressive is the fact that the Saints first three opponents’ combined record from last season is 34-14 (.708). That is the highest opponents’ winning percentage EVER for a 3-0 team in NFL history, according to ESPN.

They’re good boys.

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