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JOESAM2002 09-23-2002 01:26 AM

And the band played who'da thunk it?
Well here we are three weeks into the new season. If you're all like me, I thought we'd be at best 1-2 and pushing it to the absolute max 2-1. Yet these Saints seem to want to make believers of us all. As a loyal Saints fan since the first kickoff in 1967, I have lived and died with this team as I'm sure, many of you have. For the first time in recent memory the Saints seem to have a more complete football team. On the offensive side of the ball ,I'm not sure you can compare this team with any other team in the past. At times they had great running backs, at other times they had great recievers.They have also had some pretty good Quarterbacks. But for my point of view, this bunch if not right now, at some point in the near future(and I mean this year) this team will be the best team ever fielded in the city of New Orleans.
On the defense, yea they need better corners, and sure the linebackers and d-line mess up from time to time, but the longer they play together, the better they will get. this bunch will gel.
The Saints did something today that speaks volumns about this team. they were down by 20 points and could have folded the tents and gone home, but no, they showed something lacking from last year, pride, they showed an amazing amount of intestinal fortitude. They reached down and pulled up what every great team must have, the absolute belief that they WILL NOT be beat.
If they don't win another game(God forbid) they showed that on this day they were the best team on the field and deserve to be mentioned among the best in the NFL.
If any of the Saints players happen to read this I would like to say Thank you for making me a Proud fan of the New Orleans Saints. And..................I'm a believer!

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