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saint5221 08-09-2003 09:02 AM

Trading one of our DT ?
We have assembled a large group of DTs, while it is possible we could keep 5 it's more likely we will keep only 4. So who will be th odd man out? The press has noticed this( see articles below) ,as I'm sure has every GM in need of a Tackle, and trade speculation has begun. I figure Ford is not as likely a target as he was just a free agent if someone was really after him they could of had him then. Sullivan is obviously not going anywhere. So that leaves Kenny Smith, Martin Chase and Grady Jackson. Of the three I would prefer to see Chase go because I see more potential and athletism from Smith and Grady can be very good if he gets in shape,which he seem s to be making progress toward. But I suppose any team we talk to, if we do ,will have a say about that. This might be our best shot at obtaining a legitimate back up RB . This orginization has done well in its drafts and seems to value picks highly so thats always a possibility.. I dont have time this weekend to peek at rosters and look for potental sutiors I'm sure Loomis already has.

Pasquarelli at ESPN take
2. You can never have enough big guys and the Saints, on both sides of the ball, certainly possess ample depth. Give credit to head coach Jim Haslett and general manager Mickey Loomis for loading up, each of the past two seasons actually, on linemen. There are some teams (hint: like the Washington Redskins) who will be scrutinizing New Orleans' cuts closely, hoping the Saints dump one of their defensive tackles, a spot at which the team has five guys who can line up and play. Grady Jackson is out of the dog house, at least for now, with his weight at what one coach termed "the manageable stage." Jackson, who had a superb first half of the '02 season before his tonnage went up and his production waned, figures to start at the nose-tackle spot. First-round pick Johnathan Sullivan, thrown immediately into the fire, will start at the "three technique" position. He appears far more comfortable, and natural, there than at the "one technique" spot. Sullivan had an uneven performance in practice the other night, looking pretty ordinary at times, but seems to be a kid who is willing to be pushed. Few teams can match the depth at tackle, with veterans Kenny Smith, Martin Chase and recently-acquired Henry Ford as the backup. Ford rolled an ankle and hasn't practiced much but, if healthy, was a terrific pickup, a versatile guy who can give you some snaps at end as well. Just a hunch, but look for the Saints to trade one of their veterans and, through no fault of his own, the smart money is on Chase as the guy other teams might want in a deal. New Orleans would prefer to deal Smith, who seems to need a fresh start in a different uniform

Jeff Duncan from the Times Pic adds this

Because of his potential and youth, Smith's name has surfaced in trade talks. The offseason additions of Sullivan and veteran free-agent Henry Ford, coupled with holdovers Martin Chase and Grady Jackson, have created a glut at the position.

Unless a deal is made before the start of the season, a player with previous starting experience is going to be released. The Saints are not expected to keep more than four defensive tackles on the 53-man roster.

"I don't hear (the trade speculation)," Smith said. "This is a business. If a trade comes up and I leave, then I'll go start somewhere else. I just do what I've got to do."

Smith was linked to a deal last season that would have sent him to Philadelphia for nickel back Al Harris. The Eagles are the opponent for the Saints' exhibition opener Monday night in the Superdome.

"I had heard about (the trade)," Smith said. "At the time, if it would have happened I would have been happy. I was ready to make a name for myself. I think people kind of lost the name Kenny Smith because I didn't play the first year.

"But now I'm looking forward to big things here this year. I think I'm one of the defensive linemen that can stay. I can play the game of football. I'm one of those down-and-dirty guys that gets into it. I don't worry too much about it."

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nocloning 08-09-2003 11:11 AM

Trading one of our DT ?
The upside of a deal is limited. Although Smith apparently worked very hard in the off-season he struggled a bit in practices. Or let\'s say he didn\'t exactly shine. Grady is still a little unfit and Chase is Chase. Either way, you won\'t get a lot of compensation for any of these guys, certainly not a legitimate backup RB (unless you package it with a draft choice, which the Saints seldomly do). We wouldn\'t really lose a lot if we just let them fight it out who stays on the team and then cut Chase or Ford.
At the moment I don\'t feel too comfortable with our DTs, so trading a possible starter isn\'t my idea of strengthening the team.

gumbeaux 08-09-2003 12:18 PM

Trading one of our DT ?
As I posted on another post, trades are hard in the days of salary caps. The contract structure of every player involved in a trade must be taken into account. So it is unlikely that deal involving player for player deals is unlikely. That is one of the reasons, you see more player for draft pick deals. When a player for a player deal is made each cap number of the players involved must equalize or you have to have room under the cap.

saint5221 08-10-2003 07:25 PM

Trading one of our DT ?
Ah gum ,we are way under the cap. Money won\'t be a problem in a deal, finding a taker for someone we may end up having to cut later will.

Nocloning yes I agree with what you say , I just hate to see us cut a guy if there is any shot at getting anything for him, even a low round pick.

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coastalkid 08-11-2003 11:19 AM

Trading one of our DT ?
If the deadskins want Gravy, Smith or Chase I\'d give one of em up for SMOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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