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SFinAustin 08-09-2003 11:01 AM

Possible Kenny Smith Trade?
I wonder what we could get for Kenny Smith? We almost netted CB Al Harris last season. Here are a few trades I would like to see:

a) Smith, Folau, and a 2nd round pick to Washington for CB Champ Bailey.

b) Smith to the Skins for CB Fred Smoot.

c) Smith, Craver, and a 1st round pick to Baltimore for CB Chris McAlister or to Oakland for CB Charles Woodson. Both are in contract years and will be expensive to retain to their old teams.

What do you guys think? What trade do you all see happening?

saintsfan200 08-09-2003 11:11 AM

Possible Kenny Smith Trade?
I really like trade A, because we get rid of players we don need for a top corner. B is unlikely. With C I don\'t think Woodson is worth a 1st rounder even though I think we will be picking last this year- I don\'t know what he looked like last nite. If he is 100% it is worth a 1st.

nocloning 08-09-2003 11:31 AM

Possible Kenny Smith Trade?
I like all the trades, but I also think all of them are unlikely to happen. This board seems to overvalue current Saints players (just an example of ideas: Kyle Turley for Eric Johnson and a first round pick). Smith for Smoot? Come on.

lumm0x 08-09-2003 12:11 PM

Possible Kenny Smith Trade?
Honestly I don\'t see any trade happening. The Skins, Ravens or Raiders are not giving up a corner of that caliber at this point in the season.

The Saints likely won\'t go into the season with 5 DT\'s on the roster unless they plan on platooning Ford or Smith into the DE rotation.

While I\'m all for getting one of the top flight corners, I think the opportunity for that is after this year when these guys are free agents again. The name that jumps at me though is Shawn Springs. With the drafting of Trufant and the solid play of Lucas I think the door is open for Springs.

I also wouldn\'t want to see Folau leave since we have no proof that Riley or Stinchcomb are ready to man that RT spot. Folau can play any T or G position and that is nice depth and versatility even if he loses the starter role to one of the others.

gumbeaux 08-09-2003 12:12 PM

Possible Kenny Smith Trade?
Trades are not so easy these days. With salary cap retrictions and problems, you have to know the structure of each contract involved in a trade. If a player has a large signing bonus and several years left on his contract, his remaining pro-rated bonus automatically counts against the team that is trading the player. Example: Player A is traded to Team B from Team A. Player A had 5 years left on a 7 year contract that had a 7 million dollar signing bonus. Team A would have 5 million dollars added to their cap numbers and no player to show for it.

billybignuts 08-09-2003 03:28 PM

Possible Kenny Smith Trade?
I personally would love to have either Springs or Woodson, either one could help us out a great deal. Fred Smoot is one player that i hope we never get, everything I read about him is really bad. His big mouth is reason enough to leave him out.

ssmitty 08-09-2003 06:10 PM

Possible Kenny Smith Trade?
if any of you read the kenny smith article, you would realize the coach or coaches are lying or not telling the truth.........they told him the job was his to lose and he, (nor i) believes he lost it to anyone..........personally, i think smith\'s a keeper..........this deception needs to stop.........tell the truth.........why be two faced? players look at this and wonder if it\'ll happen to them.............just plain crap we don\'t need.....smitty

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