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BillyCarpenter1 08-10-2003 09:47 PM

Falcons/Green Bay Game

On defense I still have a lot of concerns. although we were not blitzing; our front did nothing to pressure anyone by the first team. It seemed we made a lot of individual big hits. Farve
on a couple of occassions threw that darn slant to somebody
on both sides and completed it; and I think he could have done that all day!! ALSO they hit that pass between our linebackers
about 3 times; and once they were sure they could do it at will; they stopped doing it!! Ray Buchannan is a problem waiting to happen. On one play the reciever was at least six yards past him and their qb threw the ball straight up and Carpenter intercepted. On game day any average starter turns that into a touchdown!! Ray was beaten often but when the ball
continued to be overthrown nobody saw it as a problem. At the
other corner McBRIDE looked about just like last years version of AMBROSE; POOR passes kept him from looking terrible. Draft;
McADAM; looked good and so did free agent Recardo Wimbush; he
made a great interception and had a good sack. I also thought
Travaris Robinson looked good at safety.
My main concern with the defense was there were too many plays where recievers were wide open; and their second sting QB
just didn't make the throw. On all third and passing situations; our first team would come in for that obvious passing play against their second team; and the two plays I mentioned that always gives us trouble; would be open again all day!! While it seemed like we completed a lot of passes 21 they
also completed 20. OUR first team did well against the run!!

I did not see the Falcons game so I went to see what Falcons fans thoughts were on the game and just about every fan shared the same feelings as the aboue quote.

While this is only the first preseason game and you can't put a lot of stock in it, if the problems on defense continue, it will not be good for them when they go up against our offense.

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