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Updated Depth Chart

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Re: Updated Depth Chart

thanks. you're fast
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Re: Updated Depth Chart

C is defineately Goodwin.
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Re: Updated Depth Chart

I think Meachem will start opposite of Colston.
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Re: Updated Depth Chart

You think he's going to get a shot FV? On that note, why do we think that he never even got a chance this past season? I mean, I guess it's because he wasn't comfortable enough with the offense, but I'd rather see him running around doing the wrong route than dropping balls like our other receivers. At least he'd do it fast, and if he was open, he'd probably catch it. I remember him making a sweet TD catch in the preseason, and that was pretty much the last I saw of him. I thought that doing something like that would earn you a shot at the field, not the bench.
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Re: Updated Depth Chart

Nice job on the depth chart CheramieIII.
I do believe however that DE Josh Cooper is a free agent.
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Re: Updated Depth Chart

I'm sure that Copper, Moore, and Meachem will be ahead of Henderson on the depth chart. I really really really hope so anyway.
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Re: Updated Depth Chart

Mech will be ok. He will show us all why he was a first rounder next year. He has a year of rehab and coaching under his belt. Rehab is the issue now just like Villma.
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Re: Updated Depth Chart

I hate to say it (offense), but it looks like we need OL depth.
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Re: Updated Depth Chart

Originally Posted by saintsmissile View Post
WOW! And I didn't think I could be more depressed than seeing Briggs had signed with the Bears. Gentleman, this is the SAME roster as last year short of Vilma! Alleman as starting C? You're kidding right? He's only BARELY played G two years at pathetic U of Akron! He's never even taken a snap at C and you have him starting? Lord, can we give Jerry Fontenot a call, he should be available and the price should be just up the New Orleans New Orleans New Orleans New Orleans Saints alley, CHEAP!
Listen, everytime andy's name has been mentioned since he's been drafted, regardless of what the subject matter, you have something negative to say! here's my opinion.You have an agenda about him, and now I have an agenda for you! You need to pass or say somthing positive, when his name is mentioned, if you don't don't like him. I for one have listened to enough of your poison! If you disagree with him being drafted o.k., but cut the negative agenda crap, and pass when you see his named mentioned. If you can find nothing positive to say about him or where he went to school, just pass! Where did you go to school, and what position did you play that makes you such and expert. At the very least give him a freakin chance to play, then at least you can have something intelligent to base your opinion on! Give it a rest already!

[B][/B] SaintsDad65
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Re: Updated Depth Chart

Don't worry about him r alleman... his personality is just like that. I don't think he can help himself. I do think he'll tone it down after your post.

I believe most people here believe your son is going to do very good things for us. Hopefully he'll get his chance this year as we need some attitude on our line. I'm all over the Alleman and Bushrod bandwagon.
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