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McFadden Anyone?

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McFadden Anyone?

Here you can post comments for article: McFadden Anyone?
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Re: McFadden Anyone?

While the idea of having McFadden is intrigueing, it's very unrealistic. The Saints would have to give up way too much to get him. He's proably going to go in the top 5 or so. It would be a minor miracle if he dropped down to 10th. I would like to see him drafted by the Saints. I just don't see it happening. However, the Saints do need to get another RB. Deuce is pretty much done. His pro career was pretty much the same as his college career, injury prone. He did have a few good years. But nothing like a normal running back in the NFL. Don't get me wrong, I love Deuce. He's a great player and a great person. Everything I read about him has been positive. But he just can't carry a team anymore. I say give the rock to Pierre Thomas 25-30 times a game. If they can't get McFadden, draft a RB or two in the lower rounds. I'm sure the Saints could find someone, maybe even another Terrell Davis?
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Re: McFadden Anyone?

If we can get him - trade him to Dallas (who Pak reported is hot and heavy for him). They've got two first round picks this year.
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Re: McFadden Anyone?

Somebody pointed out that McFadden is another Reggie Bush. Taking that into consideration, we may not want him and it would make since to do the trade.

We need to replace Deuce. Our OFFENSE has to win games. Just look at our history of picking defensive players. Our OFFENSE has to dominate for us to be truely sucessful. If we get Dallas's 1st two rounders (not likely), we should take a RB.

Since Reggie Bush is best when he is not playing the true RB position, It makes since to replace Deuce with another GREAT 1000 YARD BACK unless you think PT is the man. Sure you'd have a bunch of money tied up in the back field, but it would be worth it to have one of the top 3 offenses in the league again.

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Re: McFadden Anyone?

mcfadden isnt anything like reggie bush.. mcfadden isnt a good pass catcher
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Re: McFadden Anyone?

For what its worth, I think McFadden will fall out of the top 5.

I've also got to see him pretty regularly. I have these problems with him;
he puts the ball on the ground too much, he has a history of "minor" head injuries that got him sidelined for parts of games, he runs upright and takes a lot of hits.

He's a very good prospect, not in Peterson's class, but I don't think he's going to last long.
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Re: McFadden Anyone?

I would rather see us run with Thomas, Reggie, and Stecker, and then if Deuce can play mid season, it is hopefully another weapon.

At this point, I think a top flight TE and beefing up the protection on the O Line is more important than a stud RB.
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Re: McFadden Anyone?

We still have work on the defensive side of the ball.

If the first pick is for any offensive player, short of a trade down for two picks (one defensive, one offensive) I would be sorely disappointed.

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Re: McFadden Anyone?

I would hate to see us draft a RB and dole out the kind of money a #10 pick on offense would get. If we draft Mcfadden, how many touches is going to get? We all argued Bush should be getting the ball more as it is.

I am happy with Stecker and P.Thomas as our contingency plan. I would actually like to see our number 1 pick on the field this year
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Re: McFadden Anyone?

Bush should get the ball more in the open field.. aka PASS.. I was watching all his USC highlights and about 80 percent of his big plays were Leinart to Bush..

All of the receivers including Bush had a bad case of the dropsies.. i THINK we were 1st or 2nd in the league in drops? weird thing is.. weren't the giants right there with us tho?
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