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Cassady37 08-11-2003 11:28 PM

Is it just me.......
...or does it look like our coaching staff is very amaturish? We never have good game preparation except for the few times we won against high profile teams. The all-around tackling sucked, people looked out of place all over the field, nobody had a sense of needing to make a roster. What's wrong with this picture? When the eagles score from practically every quarterback they threw into the game with different players catching the balls everywhere on the field it makes you think the system they're teaching is clicking with everyone on the offense. Did you get that feeling with the Saints? I don't think so. And if Venturi is still here coaching this defense next year I'll be surprised. This is not what I expected. I'm not liking the preseason so far as in regard to what we have to do to make it to January. We have bright spots and with good coaching you could feel a little more confident but is anyone out there really confident in this coaching staff?

saintz08 08-12-2003 12:20 AM

Is it just me.......
When the offensive coordinator , has never held the position before in his life and assumes total control of an N.F.L. offense . Who by the way was appointed by an ex Pro Bowl linebacker turned defensive coordinator who coaches a team that has neither a shut down defense or a marqi linebacker in his tenure . These performances are what you get and a lot of words that say potential .

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