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Matt Ryan at 10?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Ok we have all beaten various positions to death but one, QB. Now it is very likely that he may be the one to fall to us at 10 than say Ellis. So what do you? Ok most will say ...

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Matt Ryan at 10?

Ok we have all beaten various positions to death but one, QB. Now it is very likely that he may be the one to fall to us at 10 than say Ellis. So what do you?

Ok most will say trade down but how would you fell if the saints picked him know he is the best QB in the draft for the west coast system? It is a a lot of money for a back up but with Drew as his mentor just imagine what he will become in three years.

Sorry Drew I know I am putting the Rivers/ Chargers thing on you again.

I say you make the pick and field the offers. If he stays then so be it.

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Re: Matt Ryan at 10?

I say you trade down and let another team have him. We've got a chance for a Superbowl run now. Let's go after it. Draft defense.
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Re: Matt Ryan at 10?

Wow. How hard would it be hard to pass on him? I really don't think Payton wants another 1st rounder to sit the bench for a couple of seasons. We need a play maker that can get on the field now and make a difference. Certainly if he happens to fall to us, teams would be more willing to make the trade at 10. In any case, it is a pretty unrealistic that he falls to us or that we draft him.

Next question.
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Re: Matt Ryan at 10?

No Ryan... I would go crazy if we were to take him. I don't question his big arm as I've seen him throughout his college career... but he's overhyped and not as good as advertised imo. If we were to take a quarterback, I'd wait in the second for a Henne or Flacco... much better value.
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Re: Matt Ryan at 10?

One word: Defense.
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Re: Matt Ryan at 10?

yeah Brees will be elite for another 5+ years, no need to draft a QB yet.
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Re: Matt Ryan at 10?

Jeez Hagan, just when I thought I could sleep!!!
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Re: Matt Ryan at 10?

Man...if they were to take Ryan at #10, I'll have a fit!!!! Okay....I'm watching the draft at my buddy's house. I'd rather throw stuff at his TV than my new LCD.
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Re: Matt Ryan at 10?

let me think.........
wide reciever,
running back,
offensive tackle,
ok, a coin toss...............
heads, no wait, tails................
tails it is..............
the saints trade the number 10 pick........
whewwww. that was close...............
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Re: Matt Ryan at 10?

I think this is a legit question and should be considered. I like the idea but I think there is another position worth snagging and that is WR. We got an oppitunity to snag a great one perhaps the best one in the draft. If you get a chance to snag a number one in the draft for a position HELL YEAH. Why take the 3rd best or 4th best at a position. Its fantasy football thinking. Take a number 1.
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