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JOESAM2002 08-13-2003 10:34 AM

Ah to be a Saints fan......
Damn it's good to be a Saints fan. As a long suffering fan of our Saints I get the feeling that all is not good with the fans of our beloved team. After one whole game(that means nothing in the standings by the way) some are ready to hack off the head of anyone that has anything to do with this team. Now please don't get me wrong, I too was embarrassed by the performance last Monday night. There was as Gator put it NO heart in that game by any Saint player short of Michael Lewis. There are some questions however I think we should ask ourselves before we condemn these guys to the Arena II leagues.

1] Is our offense really as bad as they looked Monday night? Has that much changed with them since last year? I think everyone would pretty much agree that the offense will be good if not great this year. After all, all we did was add a Pro Bowl tight end to the roster. So on the offensive side of the ball we'll be ok. Right?

2] Did our Special teams look good or what Monday night? They at least made few mistakes other than the punt run back. I think we'll be ok there too. Don't you?

3]And last but certainly not least, Defense. Ouchhhhhhh! Before we get all our panties in a wad, let's look at this problem. There are 11 players on the defensive side of the ball. Right? Can any of us name (for sure) which 11 players that will be on opening day? I think one of the major problems of this defense is the fact that no one knows who will be starting for sure just yet. If they don't know who the starters are just yet it's tough to put in defensive schemes and plays that will be used in the coming season.

I really don't think we as fans are so different than any other fan in any other sport. I know that in raising race horses, when we get a new colt on the ground all we see is it winning the All America Futurity. Three years later it's still in a pasture eating somebody's grass. We expect a lot from our teams that we love. We expect them to win the National Championship or Super Bowl every year. So do other fans of other teams. Should we change our thoughts? No! If we did we wouldn't be fans. Agree, disagree, Like or dislike we all have different opinions, and like azzholes we all have one and they do generally stink. At least to some others. This is our team, we love them. Let some fans of some other team come in here and dis the Saints. See who jumps on them first.

Things will get better. The offense is better, the special teams are still great and the defense only has to be better, not great, just better. I think they will be when all is said and done.

This truly could be the year of the Saints!

Cassady37 08-13-2003 10:49 AM

Ah to be a Saints fan......
Awwww.....I think I felt a tear roll down my cheek! Wait a minute, that was beer!!! Who the h*** is wasting my beer??!!!!! Alright, everyone freeze until I find out who just wasted the sweet nectar of the gods!! This may require a sacrifice, I\'ll have to look it up......

JOESAM2002 08-13-2003 10:51 AM

Ah to be a Saints fan......
It\'s ok, I understand. I used to own a bar. LOL. BTW it\'s 5 o\'clock somewhere. LOL

saintz08 08-13-2003 11:16 AM

Ah to be a Saints fan......
\"You could tell why the Eagles were in the NFC Championship game the last two years,\" Haslett said. \"They executed really well. They had a great tempo going. They got in and out of the huddle. They did the little things. They caught the balls. They made the plays when they had to.\"

This preseason matchup was a clear indication that the Eagles are primed for another Super Bowl run.

The Saints? They\'re primed for a primer on the basics - at least on defense.

\"The little things,\" their coach said, when asked what he\'d be focusing on this week at the Saints\' Metairie training facility. The little things, Haslett reminds, from pee-wee football: \"Tackling, catching and blocking. That\'s what we did not do very well.\"

Considering Eagles lost Hugh Douglas their leader on defense , have Duece in a holdout over his contract and yet they still look sharp .

Coffee is on and it smells like coaching ............

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