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How would you "fix" the O

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Best way of 'fixing' the O is to fix the D. Don't let 3 string QB's lite us up and control the ball. Secondly, Deuce or his replacment....

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Re: How would you "fix" the O

Best way of 'fixing' the O is to fix the D. Don't let 3 string QB's lite us up and control the ball. Secondly, Deuce or his replacment.
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Re: How would you "fix" the O

Originally Posted by TheDeuce View Post
You keep everything the same except punish people for making mistakes (ie dropping the football).
You know that type of accountability should be all across the board. Thinking of some defensive players (Cough: David, Siminieou, Bullocks) that had screw up after screwup and still kept playing. Sigh.

Besides that, I don't think that "improving" the offense should be a huge concern. I mean it was ranked the 4th best offense in the NFL, so I'm not really sure how much you improve on it. I think you try to keep it consistent and keep doing what you did that made you successful.
I know that. That's why I put "fix" in quotes in the title. I did however bring 4 specific concerns, of which drops were one of them.

But, if I was going to play along, I'd take these steps:

1. Only play receivers that catch the ball. They drop it, they sit.
2. Use Reggie Bush better. They used him in a way which did not highlight his strengths last season. Put him on the field at the same time as a prototypical running back. Line him up in the slot. Send him out on routes. Give him end arounds. Line him up in the backfield and run him inside and outside. Don't just give him stretches and screens, give him iso's as well.
3. Keep trick plays to a minimum.
Amen on the last one. A trick play ended up being the difference in our season.

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Re: How would you "fix" the O

I think with the signing of Lehr there are no needs left to fill on the o-line but maybe some consistency on the parts of the players. They do great for 4 or 5 plays then undo everything they've done with one bonehead mistake.

I think they'll get better the longer they stay together.
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Re: How would you "fix" the O

Obviously the Offense was effective last year ,but there is always room for improvement. I think that after Duece's injury last year we had to junk alot our offensive plan from training camp. The prime improvement from a talent perspective is we need to replace Duece with a powerful inside RB in the draft. A TE that can block and catch is something that has been a concern since Wesley Walls left. On the offensive line we need a road grader at Guard and someone to groom at center. Hopefully Meachem can assume the #2 WR position . We also need someone to step up and become the slot reciever Last year it seemed to be a commitee aproach. Early Doucet might be available in the 2nd rd and IMHO would be a steal which would make an ideal slot reciever

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Re: How would you "fix" the O

Looks like a good place for some stats.
Saints 2007 Offense
1060 Offensive Plays most in the NFL #1
23.7 Pts/Game tied 12th
361 Yds/Game 4th
21.6 1st Downs/Game 3rd
46 3rd Down % tied 4th
68 Offensive Penalties 4th
-7 T.O. Margin 24th

Only seems like one thing needs to be fixed. It is either an offensive problem of holding onto the ball or a defensive problem create more turnovers.

All this O-line talk I need to throw in some passing stats too.
2007 Saints Passing Totals

652 Passing Attempts 1st (might be some NFL record or something)
440 Passing Compl 1st(might be some NFL record or something)
67.5 Competion % 2nd
16 Sacks 1st

Stats are just meaningless numbers they cant be used to prove a point. Big deal we threw more passes than anyone else and gave up less sacks than anyone else what does that prove? Damn just think how good that offense would have been without Devery. Brees would have completed 80% of his passes if we werent 1st in dropped passes also.

All this talk of Brees' quick feet and delivery leads me to the teams dead last givin up sacks.

Chiefs 55 sacks on 563 attempts
49ers 55 sacks on 513 attempts

We threw 100+ more passes and gave up 39 fewer sacks. Why should there be any talk of these teams drafting O-linemen? They need to draft new QBs. Dont care where you throw the ball say 1 Mississippi and let her go. 10% of your passing plays result in negative yardage that has to hurt your numbers.
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Re: How would you "fix" the O

Great stats on the line comparison.
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Re: How would you "fix" the O

i go along with the o line comments.few backs can run the middle without better hole opening.i didn't see much gain when we went for 3rd or 4th and short.you're good when you can consistantly make 3rd and 1 when everyone knows you are pounding it.when you do that,you break a defenses will plus open up the trick plays.we don't have that power blocker.i thought goodwin did better run blocking than faine.i guess we'll see
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Re: How would you "fix" the O

Can you get the rushing stats right quick please?

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Re: How would you "fix" the O

Yeah do you want those of the 1st four games when we had our starting RB or toward the end when our 4th string RB didnt seem to have any problems running up the middle. Mabye just the numbers from our 3rd down backs. I think if you look at the 5 yd/carry average from our 3rd and 4th string backs most people will just say we played against some bad defenses anyway.
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Re: How would you "fix" the O

The biggest question is what happens April 15th. Besides having to pay taxes, Deuce may retire or the Saints may cut him. This changes everything. What was wrong with our running game last year is that we had a utility player playing RB in Stecker. Sure the guy did ok but we need a true RB that can gain 1000 yards sharing time with Reggie. We need someone so we don't have to lead the league in pass attempts and drops. If Pierre Thomas is so great, why couldn't he beat our Stecker?
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