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tweeky 08-13-2003 04:43 PM

Jets Game - I think we'll see...
This is the Jets 3rd game, so don't be surprised if they look better than we do.
Here's what I think we'll see…

Pretty much more of the same. They should look a little better but its still too early for this team to look dominant on D. It might be week 2 of the regular season before they start to come together. I still think we'll be better than last year when game 1 comes around, but won't be our best until about midway through the season. They better play with more enthusiasm though. I expect to see better hitting and tackling and communication.

I think we'll see less drops by the WR's, TE's and RB's. The O-line performance will depend on who's out, but I expect Haslet to give Keaton every possible chance to prove himself. He can't do it if he's constantly nailed in the backfield, so I think we'll field as many starters as possible. If we still have a bunch of OL out, he may take a look at how Fenderson reacts to no blocking. He already knows how Keaton reacts.

billybignuts 08-13-2003 04:54 PM

Jets Game - I think we'll see...
I hope that the starters on defense will be able to play alot better. They need to prove they can stop people, and apply pressure to the QB. I realize that its early for them because of all the new faces, but most are not rookies and should play better than last game.

On the offensive side of the ball we should be ok, the first team still looked impressive, even if we werent playing with Bentley, Horn, and Deuce. They should be able to move the ball fairly easily.

coastalkid 08-14-2003 07:03 AM

Jets Game - I think we'll see...
I am still wanting to see our new defenseive stud Sullivan find his way out of the huddle. Hopefully this game he\'ll do something to explain why he was our #1. I failed to notice this guy at all once he left the huddle against the Eagles. This concerns me some.
On offense I also feel we aren\'t as bad as things appeared last Monday night. I am concerned with our #2 RB spot though. Hopefully we will learn something this week. I still believe, as most of you do also, that we are still in need of a quality backup RB.

BillyCarpenter1 08-15-2003 06:54 AM

Jets Game - I think we'll see...
During the off-season several members(myself included) talked about what the offense needed to do to get better. Things like thowing screen passes to Duece and throwing to the tightends. I want to see those things against the Jets.

As good as our offense was last year, it could have been much better. Without an effective screen pass and passes to the tightend, it puts too much pressure on the QB and receivers.

As far as defense goes, the #1 thing I want to see is good solid tackling. I also hope Dale Carter plays and hope to see him be the shut down corner that has been talked about.

There has been much said about Venturi and his lack of coaching ability, but, I\'m still a firm beleiver that talent comes first and coaching second. You show me a great defense and I\'ll show you some great talent. I can also show you some coaches that used to be great that doesn\'t have the talent now, and they are no longer great coaches.

I think we have enough talent on defense to be very good. Especially the front four. The safety position also appears to be strong. The secondary would seem to be improved. Who knows about the linebacker, so that\'s the main thing I\'ll be looking for against the Jets.

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coastalkid 08-15-2003 07:17 AM

Jets Game - I think we'll see...
I doubt serriously that you will see what you want BC. I don\'t think Haz will showcase any new wrinkles of our offense. The screen pass to RB\'s or TE\'s or anything other than off tackle or around the end type of runs. Totally vanilla.
Defense is where you\'ll get some ideas of what improvements have been made. Focus on the D as that is where Haz is focused on or should I say should be focused on. He knows, like you and most of us, what the offense has and is capable of so I don\'t think you\'ll see much there. Maybe some experiments with some of the linemen and looking at back up RB and receiver and of course the deciding of which #2 and #3 QB will be.

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