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saintsfan200 08-13-2003 05:37 PM

Seattle Opener another starter drops!
AP reports Seattle Seahawks starting DT Chad Eaton will miss the team's regular-season opener. The eight-year veteran from Washington State had minor surgery on his right knee Sunday and is on crutches at the Seahawks' training camp this week. The Seahawks will open their regular season on Sept. 7 against the New Orleans Saints at Seahawks Stadium. HC Mike Holmgren said Wednesday that Eaton's latest surgery means he will be sidelined from four-to-six weeks. That means 14-year veteran DT John Randle, who was going to play only on passing downs this season, will start at defensive tackle with new Seahawks player DT Norman Hand.

This is great- I don't mean ill will towards anyone, but we need all the help we can get with the defense needing time to jell.

billybignuts 08-13-2003 09:04 PM

Seattle Opener another starter drops!
I just hope that John Randle doesn\'t play like he did several years back with the Vikings. I believe the Squawks will win their division this year, we need to contain Shaun Alexander.

coastalkid 08-14-2003 12:36 PM

Seattle Opener another starter drops!
I agree with the Shaun Alexander comment. In my opinion he is as close to a Marshall Falk as there is. This guy can tear you apart if he is \"in the groove\". We must contain him first and foremost. Besides him they really don\'t have much that worries me offensively.
Of course having Norman Hand on that D-line is another area to prepare for. Not that Norman is all that. But he will be wanting to bring his best game of his carear for that one. I think we should put in one of our rookies to block him the entire game. LOL!!

rusta 08-14-2003 02:07 PM

Seattle Opener another starter drops!
i too think seattle will win that division

i disagree that seatle offense has nothing to offer other than alexander though, hasselbeck closed the year looking incredible and WR\'s robinson and jackson are among the leagues top tandems in my opion, they also have a piar of good young TE\'s in mili and stevens

it\'s nice to hear they might be struggling on D when they play us but i\'m scared of opening against this team, they should be tough and i\'m worried that opening on a loss might prove to be bad news for our YOUNG team

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