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N.Saint84 08-14-2003 04:15 PM

Field Pass
:casstet: Okay, so I'm a Saints fan and I live in Idaho. Usually I can watch all of the games on Directv NFL package programming. I am also a National Guardsman and I work weekends sometimes at my regular job too. I have been lucky enough to have internet access to listen to most all of the games I can't watch when I'm not at home. It's been nice because we don't get much Cajun radio in these parts (mostly Seahawks) and the broadcasts have been free. Until now... I see they are charging for this service now much like Nascar charges for Track Pass on their internet site. What a ripoff, isn't radio suposed to be free for the most part. I think the NFL teams are doing this to make more money and I don't think it's right. A fan is a fan is a fan right? No matter where we live we should be able to have access, I can live with paying to view but to listen? Come on folks. Anyway, that's my vent for the day, any thoughts anyone?

ssmitty 08-14-2003 05:11 PM

Field Pass
why yes ns, i do have a thought.....................after paying soooooo many yrs to see em lose, i feel i am entitled to a rebate.........therefore, i am not paying any more bills until they reimburse me.......that\'ll show em.........what\'s the saying in the national guard? is it they can kill ya, but they can\'t eat ya? or is that all service people? just ribbing,,,,,,,,,send us some fresh taters will ya? dallas ones are big, but not too edible.....smitty

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