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SaintNik 08-14-2003 09:52 PM

Our Mascott Is Our Problem!
The Saints players weren't the only one that didn't show up Monday night at the superdome for the Eagles game. Did anyone notice? There was no sign of that goofy looking Gumbo guy in the mutt costume. Maybe the Elvis impersonator snagged him. Who knows? Has he been terminated? Is he holding out for more money? Is the team planning on doing something different this year? I for one think he looks stupid. The only thing worse was the Mambo character. As bad as it was though, at least it had a tie in with New Orleans with the Mardi Gras theme. Tradition? O.K. The original St. Bernard mutt laying on the sideline named GUMBO is something all Saints fans remember. But what does a dog from St. Bernard have to do with New Orleans? Might be what has dogged this franchise for all these years. How about we come up with a new mascott that is more identified with the Saints. I have a few ideas. Does anybody else?

1. SaintNik.........Who else but me on the sideline? A guy named Saint. I could make every sunday feel as if it were christmas day with just my presence alone.

2. An Angel........How about a little hottie in a shear outfit with tights on, a halo on her head and a magic wand in her hand and a bit of magic dust to use when needed.

3. Moses.......Who better to lead us to the promised land?

4. St. Peter........Who do we expect to let us in once we arrive?

5. Chris Owens......This ageless wonder will be around forever singing the blues.

You may cast your vote or submit other choices. Just remember. A vote for me not only will help the team score more points but will score some for you as well.

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saintz08 08-14-2003 10:50 PM

Our Mascott Is Our Problem!
We need the return of the one the only ...... FETCH MONSTER .......

JOESAM2002 08-14-2003 11:21 PM

Our Mascott Is Our Problem!
I\'d go with the Fetch Monster or the Pope.

Memnoch_TP 08-15-2003 08:14 AM

Our Mascott Is Our Problem!
I like the angel idea. Perhaps the little blonde hottie that does the 1-800-Whatever commercials... Yum...

But no popes... popes are bad...

Hmm... Now that I think of it, the little blonde angel is not neccessary since we have cheerleaders... Lets go with a large and meanacing Angel of Death with a flaming sword and those little hollow frisbees that look like halos that he can throw to the crowd. Or at the refs.

coastalkid 08-15-2003 08:18 AM

Our Mascott Is Our Problem!

saintfan 08-15-2003 08:19 AM

Our Mascott Is Our Problem!
Popes are da devil! LMAO

I\'m with \"08\" yet again (damnit this had GOT to stop). Bring back da FETCH MONSTER!

daviddrake2 08-15-2003 11:40 AM

Our Mascott Is Our Problem!
How about St. Michael the Archangel? He\'s the badass with the sword that led the battle against the devil commonly referred to as the leader of all the angels.

rusta 08-15-2003 11:55 AM

Our Mascott Is Our Problem!
yeah and he could descend from the top of the dome on a rope and stick a sword in the ground on the fifty every game

GAY!!!!! :P

how about we just kidnap the other teams mascot every week and hang him from the goal post

daviddrake2 08-15-2003 12:04 PM

Our Mascott Is Our Problem!
Or better yet, just ditch the SAINTS name alltogether and go with something a little more intimidating.

A few suggestions might be the Hurricane(s), Storm, Gators, Moccasins, Loggerheads, Copperheads, Bobcats, Red Wolves, Caracaras (bird of prey), Gamblers, Lightning, Rebels or Pirates.

Just an idea...

Go SAINTS!!!!!

David in Houston

JOESAM2002 08-15-2003 12:51 PM

Our Mascott Is Our Problem!
Or if they keep playing like they played Monday night, The Carcasses. LOL

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