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tweeky 08-15-2003 01:50 PM

Johnny Grier Vendetta???
OK, what did we do to Johnny Grier or his family?
I know harping on 1 official when so many have screwed us for so many years may seem unfair, but I can't remember a single game his crew worked that they didn't screw us with a blatently incorrect call. I also can't remember a single game where he blew a call in our favor. If he was just a boobonic moron you'd think he'd blow a few in our favor, wouldn't he???
How does this guy keep his job?
Don't hand me any of that affirmative action bullcrap either.
When I heard the NFL fired a bunch of officials I just knew one had to be him.
BUT NO!!!! The village idiot of NFL officials rears his ugly head again.
I felt slightly vindicated when somebody in the press referred to his crew as the Ringling Brothers.

Oakland fans are still complaining about the no-fumble call a couple of years ago.
Hey Raider-Nation…That crap happens to us 4 or 5 times a year!!!!

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