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FWtex 09-26-2002 09:06 AM

NFC-south powerhouses...panthers are not
Lots being said about the NFC-south being the powerhouse conference and it may be, BUT don't let the panthers 3-0 record be misconstrued as an unbeleivable feat. the panthers 3-0 start reminds me very much of the Mora led 8-0 start a few years back ... once they start playing tough teams the wheels will fall off.

Carolina has played DETROIT, BAltimore, and Minnesota ... 3 teams in organizational chaos and playing horrible football. Atlanta is going to be a pain in every teams rear this year but they will finish no better than 8-8 if they get that far. Saints and Bucs are going will be able to beat every team it plays. The way I see it the Saints and Philly are playing on the same level to date. The Bears and Bucs are maybe a step or two behind them and the rest of the NFC will have to have their best games to or hope these teams have bad days.

I am saying is don't jump on the Panther and Falcon bandwagon because one wheel is going to fall off and the other is going to whobble its way down the road.

Halo 09-26-2002 11:21 AM

NFC-south powerhouses...panthers are not
I agree with you FWTEX, but until this point, the nay sayers have been wrong. The NFC South is much improved over many conferences, Carolina just winning any 3 games is an improvement.

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