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HighlandCajun 08-18-2003 04:49 PM

Carter a Saint
K. Carter signed by New Orleans, just reported by wwl!

TomGreen 08-18-2003 05:25 PM

Carter a Saint
great news!

[Edited on 18/8/2003 by TomGreen]

FWtex 08-18-2003 06:51 PM

Carter a Saint
Carter is a long shot to be better than Keaton. He will play one pre season game, get hurt and collect an injury settlement. I just can\'t imagine what would change for the guy this year that makes him different from years past.

BTW, not meaning to dog on you high cajun but so far you made 2 post and both times the topic was already on the board.

gumbeaux 08-18-2003 09:14 PM

Carter a Saint
Unless he has gotten a head transplant, he will do nothing for the team. He is a waste of talent and I had hoped Haslett knew better. Carter has a tin heart and a paper head.

SaintNik 08-18-2003 10:55 PM

Carter a Saint
It didn\'t cost the Saints anything to bring him in by way of trade or signing bonus as he was on the street and available to take a look at. Could it be a smoke screen taking a look at Carter for free, while downplaying the need to trade for or pickup another back prior to or after cutdown? This also may motivate and get the attention of Keaton and Fenderson and bring out the best in them over the next two weeks. Carter is a back that coming out of college as the first pick overall to the Bengals in 1995 had all pro potential but never got it going as the major knee injury took its toll. There are at least two players in street clothes that were at one time the best in the league, who also suffered major knee injuries. That would be Jamal Anderson and Terrel Davis. These two guys have been there and done that while Carter never has. Hopefully his knee has recovered well enough for him to come in and contribute and be the comeback player of all time. Ricky Watters is a three down player that has put up in his career more skins on the wall the anybody out there available. Here is a guy who has been all pro and has super bowl experience to bring to the table. If we are bringing guys in off of the streets why aren\'t we considering him? Rondell Mealey is on the street, a local kid from New Orleans who was once a third round draft pick cut during the season last year by the Packers. The young back Walt Williams looked pretty good when given a chance at the end of the Eagles game. At least he hit the hole quick and was decisive, had good enough vision to use some shiftiness to find the cutback lanes to run in. He didn\'t get in the game against the Jets. Don\'t be suprised to see the Saints make a deal and trade for a back after this week and also grabbing one after the final cutdown.

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