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QBREES9 05-25-2008 01:43 PM

Grant Says He’ll Be Exonerated, And More - GRANT SAYS HE’LL BE EXONERATED, AND MORE

I told the truth,” Grant said recently. “The truth will set you free. That’s nothing that worries me. I’m going to hold my head the highest a head can be held.”

But Grant did more than proclaim his innocence. He rambled on and on, at times making lots of sense and at others making none.

“I worked 29 years to get to where I’m at; at 29 years old, that came with a lot of ups and downs. I have a lot of stuff that has been on my shoulders. Like I said before, I’m a warrior. Warriors are born. Some people, you have to turn them into that. I stand for something. . . .

“I won’t hide. I won’t shutter in a cave, because sometimes that’s what people want you to do, shutter yourself. I’m a grown man. If I would have done anything down on Church Street that night of the incident Feb. 2, I’d have claimed it. I’m a grown man. I’d have claimed my responsibility in any situation. And that night, I was a guy who got attacked.

“Now I’m turned into the guy who did this or did that. But my lawyers are handling it. They’re great lawyers. My prayers go out to the family and the people who have to go through this, and I just can’t wait until it’s over.

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