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Saint2 09-29-2002 09:00 PM

AB's Fault
Today's lost I blame on Brooks. I know it's a team thing but Brooks did not do his job. As a QB he is suppost to take care of the ball and he didn't. He gave up 13 points to a team that had no business scoring that many the whole game.( How many 80 yd. drives did the Lions have?) He fumbled for the first 7. Then when they had the Lions on the ropes he threw two interseptions that should not have been thrown. The first into double coverage and the second (and not least) overthrown to a wide open receiver. Yes there were drops but you forget about them and move on. But to throw the game away that is a different story. What good is physical ability if you don't have it between the ears. Thank God for the defense, Like last week they didn't get blown out early. Anytime you give an offense the ball your side of the 50 and give up feild goals on numerous occassions they did their job. That is all I have to say.

I will not give up the ship on one loss, but they better get the offense going early and play a whole game or beating all those good teams early my not mean anything.

Go Saints, Beat Pittsburgh and get back on track.

Cassady37 09-29-2002 09:33 PM

AB's Fault
I agree that Aaron forced the ball a little too much although the first fumble wasn\'t his fault. Turley was getting his *ss handed to him the first few drives of the game which allowed the pocket to collapse faster than Aaron could back-pedal. Sloan droppd six passes, Horn one, Pathon one, that\'s 8 dropped passes in all. I guess when the game\'s on the line and you\'re the Quarterback, you try to make things happen and sometimes things go bad. We\'re still tied for first in the division and we weren\'t the only undefeated team to get knocked off today. That first loss was bound to happen and I\'m glad it was against a non-division opponent. Now let\'s work out the kinks, get a little more unpredictable with the play-calling on BOTH sides of the ball and kick the Steeler\'s butts, next week. Geaux Saints!

JOESAM2002 09-30-2002 12:00 AM

AB's Fault
Well where do i start? I think 1st it was a complete team failure. You can\'t keep letting teams get up on you 20 points and expect to come back. Yes AB made mistakes but so did many others as you guys pointed out.David Sloan dropped almost everything thrown to him. Horn and Stallworth both got hurt and didn\'t play in the 2nd half. I think we all need to face one very large thing here. The Saints are playing with 2 out of their 4 big weapons. AB and Deuce and Pathon can\'t do it by them selves.The mistakes on the O line need to be cut out,we need our corners to play better Sammy Knight as good as he is can\'t cover everyone.

This is a very good football team when everyone is healthy. And maybe , just maybe, they learned a very valuable lesson today. You have to play from the opening kickoff to the final whistle. And one last thing I hope they learned today. You can\'t count your chickens before they hatch. Go out and play hard every down, cut out the mistakes and take each game as it comes.

billyh1026 09-30-2002 07:55 PM

AB's Fault
Truth is the whole team got kicked around the field. Offense, Defense, Special Teams, and Coaches.....they all got the snot kicked out of them bottom line.

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