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I Think We Beat the Giants....

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Originally Posted by B_Dub_Saint ^^^ I dont think they are over rated either but we do have a favorable advantage in this game. I really dont see Drew having a big game this time either. I think he will throw ...

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Cool Re: I Think We Beat the Giants....

Originally Posted by B_Dub_Saint View Post
^^^ I dont think they are over rated either but we do have a favorable advantage in this game. I really dont see Drew having a big game this time either. I think he will throw for 1 touchdown but the bulk of the yards will be on the ground. Yesterday, Coach Payton said that we had a specific game plan vs. the Jets. I believe we will have close to the same plan for the Giants. Be aggressive early, score early and often, and milk the clock. It seems this has worked for us when playing good defenses. I still think this is a very winnable game.

i'm gonna have to dissagree somewhat. i think we'll come out slinging the ball early to get some more points on the board early. look for this game to be similar to the gameplan against the eagles, who also had a good secondary.

i mean, really, how telling is the fact that they have the number 1 pass defense? thats due to two factors: 1. their pass rush. allow me to shut that down really quick. our pass protection has been stellar. the jets have a very blitz-heavy pass rush, and what'd they do?! NOTHING! plus, brees is one of the best in the league at avoiding the pass rush and extending the play. 2. their competition at qb. this one is easy, too. the jason campbell-led offense of the redskins has been OBISMAL, thus far. romo is a talented guy, but, a moron that makes idiotic mistakes (ie Aaron Brooks). for my arguments on the bucs and kansas city, please see the redskins.

so, like the eagles, we will come out throwning and looking to score, then we'll go to the run to kill the clock in the 2nd half. we will win this game in a similar fashion to that of the eagles game. we'll win by at least 14 points. then the whole league will know, this is the saints year!
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Re: I Think We Beat the Giants....

I don't think our D is playing just yet to beat anyone. They are still getting use to the system and building that swagger. We also have slow starts after an off week.
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Re: I Think We Beat the Giants....

Eating the cheese here in AR...

Saints 31 Giants 17
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Re: I Think We Beat the Giants....

Originally Posted by Saint_LB View Post
No...that was the Jets. The Giants are next.
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Re: I Think We Beat the Giants....

once again we might be facing and offense that does not have a great QB if Eli is not able to go.

The real test is their DL. Can we keep Drew upright and open holes in this Monster
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Re: I Think We Beat the Giants....

I would hate to see us show Eli the kind of love we gave Payton back in 06'. a record setting day for the home-boy coming home. I hope we stump a hole in Eli's bungalo. We will have to play well on both sides of the ball. A convincing 35-10 win would put the NFC target square on our 5-and-0 backs. We have shut down most of the premier backs that we've faced (LT, Peterson, ...), and that was with the "old look" defense. I think the offense gets back on track next week but I'm still concerned about that "pop you and hope you fall" tackling technique, it won't work on big Jake. What we do on defense will determine the outcome of this one. If we let them run the ball: 20-17...toss a coin for who will win. If we stop the run and MAKE them pass the ball: Saints win BIG!


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Re: I Think We Beat the Giants....

Originally Posted by foreverfan View Post
I predict the line to be Saints -6. Coming off a bye week we will have 2 weeks to prepare and will get some players back. But one stat is really unbelievable this year is point differential after 4 games. Saints +78 Giants +43.

Actually we lead the league in this catagory. The Giants barely beat Dallas and the Skins and won easily against the Bucs and the Chiefs.

The Giants have the #1 passing defense but only the 19th running defense. Saints rushing game is 2nd in the league. We have the top scoring team in the league and haven't allowed a team to score a point in the 4 quarter.
Well I feel better now, FF. This game had me scared. Tell you what, if we win this, we are definitely for real.

Now that FF has eased my mind I'm gonna go out on a limb and pick:
Da Saints!

come on, somebody. photoshop this.
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Re: I Think We Beat the Giants....

I will tell you all that I am petrified of Brandon Jacobs. If he gets 25 carries, the Saints are doomed. I know the Saints have been decent against the run, but this guy is an entire different beast. How in the world does a 270 pound man run a freaking 4.5/40? I also believe it's not exactly the best idea in the world to stack 10 in the box against Eli. Just asking for trouble...
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Re: I Think We Beat the Giants....

Do yall think we will do better offensively against the Gmen than we did against the Jest.
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Re: I Think We Beat the Giants....

If so, this will be the best team they will have best so far this season.
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