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What's with all the hate on Reggie?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Reggie has run for 2 TD's (one called back), is running up the middle better, had more catches in his first 2 years than Bolden, had 4 TD's in one game vs San Fran, singlehandedly kept us in the Vikings ...

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What's with all the hate on Reggie?

Reggie has run for 2 TD's (one called back), is running up the middle better, had more catches in his first 2 years than Bolden, had 4 TD's in one game vs San Fran, singlehandedly kept us in the Vikings game last season and was playing very well until he was hurt, and has to be accounted for at all times by opposing defenses.

No, Reggie has not exploded this year (yet), but neither has Moore. Reggie fumbled....Peterson gave up a TD too last week. Reggie's next run after the fumble was covered and he got about 6 yards up the gut. He has been a very productive player and our O and ST's would be worse off without him.

The draft is not a crystal ball. Let's re-cap:

1(1) Houston MARIO WILLIAMS DE North Carolina State - We have solid DE's
2(2) New Orleans REGGIE BUSH RB USC - Woot!
3(3) Tennessee VINCE YOUNG QB Texas - Um, yeah
4(4) NY Jets D'BRICKASHAW FERGUSON OT Virginia - decent but not Brown
5(5) Green Bay A.J. HAWK LB Ohio State - great LB but so is Vilma
6(6) San Francisco VERNON DAVIS TE Maryland - Just now starting to play
7(7) Oakland MICHAEL HUFF DB Texas
8(8) Buffalo DONTE' WHITNER DB Ohio State
9(9) Detroit ERNIE SIMS LB Florida State
10(10) Arizona MATT LEINART QB USC - He's awesome
11(11) Denver JAY CUTLER QB Vanderbilt - I'll take Brees
12(12) Baltimore HALOTI NGATA DT Oregon - he and Ellis would be nice
13(13) Cleveland KAMERION WIMBLEY DE Florida State
14(14) Philadelphia BRODRICK BUNKLEY DT Florida State
15(15) St. Louis TYE HILL DB Clemson
16(16) Miami JASON ALLEN DB Tennessee
17(17) Minnesota CHAD GREENWAY LB Iowa
18(18) Dallas BOBBY CARPENTER LB Ohio State
19(19) San Diego ANTONIO CROMARTIE DB Florida State - Not a CB
20(20) Kansas City TAMBA HALI DE Penn State
21(21) New England LAURENCE MARONEY RB Minnesota - I'll take Reggie
22(22) San Francisco MANNY LAWSON DE North Carolina State
23(23) Tampa Bay DAVIN JOSEPH OG Oklahoma
24(24) Cincinnati JOHNATHAN JOSEPH DB South Carolina
25(25) Pittsburgh SANTONIO HOLMES WR Ohio State
26(26) Buffalo JOHN MCCARGO DT North Carolina State
27(27) Carolina DEANGELO WILLIAMS RB Memphis
28(28) Jacksonville MARCEDES LEWIS TE UCLA
29(29) NY Jets NICK MANGOLD OC Ohio State
30(30) Indianapolis JOSEPH ADDAI RB LSU
31(31) Seattle KELLY JENNINGS DB Miami (FL)
32(32) NY Giants MATHIAS KIWANUKA DE Boston College

Looking at these picks we did get a winner. We could have got Deangelo or a defensive player, but I don't think we would have been in the NFC Championship without Reggie. The guy catches way too much flak IMO.
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Re: What's with all the hate on Reggie?

Don't confuse legit criticism with hate.
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Re: What's with all the hate on Reggie?

Everyone thought we were getting a HOF home-run hitter and he turned out to be a pretty good relief pitcher.

He's an asset to the team, but he's not worth the top-player money that he gets.

It could be a lot worse.
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Re: What's with all the hate on Reggie?

I've seen the improvement in Reggie, and hope it continues. He made comments during the OTAs of learning how to hit the holes and picking his spots and turning up the field...he's actually doing it...he could do it better but he is working to improve his craft. The same thing that seems to work against him in a croud (too light in the pants), works to his advantage in space. We/Payton/Brees have to do a better job of putting Reggie in space, and leading him in space with a linebacker trailing him. He hasn't had any room on the punt returns...total lock down...it happens. I just have to believe that he will make his contributions when his opportunities present themselves. He's wearing the colors, and I'm pulling for him.

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Re: What's with all the hate on Reggie?

I don't think anyone hates Bush
I think he needs to get his head in the game
They guy has some serious talent and is not using it when it counts

When you are face with three defenders you don't dance around
You cover up the ball, lower you shoulder and plow forward for a few extra yards if that's even possible
Because we all know sometimes they stand you up and stop your progress
But thatís the name of the game

When you are in space and you and one defender then you can do the MC hammer all you want

He needs to use his head and plan a bit more

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Re: What's with all the hate on Reggie?

I haven't heard 1 person say they hate Reggie.

There's absolute adoration on the 1 hand, and hate on the other. There are 10,000 graduations in between, so WHY DO PEOPLE USE THE WORD HATE for criticism?

I love Reggie, and root for him. He's a Saint! But he has issues that need to be cleaned up. If he can stay healthy long enough, he has a shot at getting better. I wish him luck.
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Re: What's with all the hate on Reggie?

This what I said in another post and I think this is what it boils down to, at least for me . . .

"Now that I have been overcome with a calmer mindset I think I know why it is very difficult seeing Reggie faltering. It all boils down to expectations. Our expectations of what Reggie are is dramatically different than that of PT23 or Bell. The fact is we/I bought into the hype that came with RB and I just have not seen it nor has he lived up to my expectations. I either have to lower my expectations or Reggie has to raise his bar. Not sure but one of them has to happen."

Hey Goodell . . . This year we will kick ass for free!
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Re: What's with all the hate on Reggie?

We are a nation of "what have you done for me lately". As such, Reggie contributions are confused with his missteps as of recent. Overall, Reggie's performance is a mixed bag. Some good, and some not so much. Consistency is not his middle name.

All that being said...I rather have him with the Saints than on another NFC South team having to prepare a defense for him twice a year!

IMHO, he will hit his groove and once again fans will be screaming "Reggie, Reggie, Reggie" that echo from the Superdome.
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Re: What's with all the hate on Reggie?

I think, yall, in the sports world, "hate" is just a term for criticism. Hence
the term "haters," etc. Granted, its been a few years since I stayed with
my auntie in the hood. (I really did) But I think there are "players," and there are "haters," which doesnt really mean they're in some sort of Klan, but rather that they are sitting in the stands as critics.

I'm not sure I know what Im talking about. I'll call up my baby's mama later
and ask her. fro shizzle, ...smack that beotch, I think????? ... or something .... peace???

That is an outstanding graphic PAPA V. You take a contentious topic among Saints fans, and those seem to me to be reasonable points supporting your case. I hope you're right, and you can count me in as one of the Kool Aid drinkers for Reggie. I like him. I like Kim. (I plan on DJ'ing their wedding--they just dont know it yet) I hope he breaks loose and sets the world on fire. I damn sure cant play running back any more.

fun stuff. Lets argue!
Originally Posted by biloxi-indian View Post
...IMHO, he will hit his groove and once again fans will be screaming "Reggie, Reggie, Reggie" that echo from the Superdome.
I believe it.

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Re: What's with all the hate on Reggie?

just waiting on the expectations to be met

im a huge reggie fan and im starting to wonder if hes going to live up to the billing....sure hes a threat blah blah blah....problem is that he hasnt helped us win this year and thats why people think we are better without him

are we better without him? hell no....hes a dynamic football player.....but when he gives the ball back to the other team every couple carries it starts getting hard to watch
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